The dashboard is the default home screen for your Salestracker profile. There are several to choose from, find out more here. Continue reading

Mail Merging

Mail merging is the process of automating software to read addresses off of a spreadsheet to generate letters. You can take a spreadsheet of addresses and configure your word processing software to print letters, inserting those addresses into them at … Continue reading

Saved Lists

There are many different operations you can run on lists you have created on Salestracker. Find out all about saved lists in this article, and what you can do with them. Continue reading


You can store documents along with records, a handy feature if you need to keep track of quotes, spreadsheets or PDFs. Find out about documents in this article. Continue reading

The Record View

Learn how Salestracker displays companies in the “record” view. Also features details on the sidebar widget and how to set or unset an alert message. Continue reading