Forget 1849; 2010 is the New Goldrush!

Imagine prospecting for gold in the late 19th century. Technology was limited, resources sparse and often sheer luck determined who struck gold and who came up with nothing. These days, there is no reason to leave prospecting for sales leads, the modern gold dust, to chance. Insight Data, the leading provider of prospect data, have launched the latest version of SalesTracker, the industry’s first on-line prospect database which will transform how subscribers target, convert and win new business.

According to Helen Costeloe-Hughes, Insight’s Commercial Director, there are three key elements a business needs to bring together in order to prospect successfully. “First and foremost you need high quality, accurate data. Secondly, you need a system in place to manage the data. Having the information is one thing, but you may also need to assign prospects to the right members of your sales team so they can keep track of leads. Thirdly, you need a contact strategy to ensure your message is getting across to the right prospects. There’s no point having the information if you don’t communicate effectively with your target audience. Your contact strategy can include a mix of direct mail, e-marketing, telesales and cold calling. If this is done well, you will be making appointments with hot prospects and you will start to see results very quickly.”

Sounds very promising, but how can your business bring these three elements together?

“SalesTracker effectively kills-off old fashioned desktop databases” continues Helen, “The user-friendly front end not only allows users to search the data and identify relevant targets quickly and efficiently, it is also a fully fledged contact management system. One of the key features is ‘List Builder’, a powerful campaign management tool that allows clients to create and save search results and instantly produce lists for direct mail or e-mail and follow-up schedules for sales people. Meanwhile a new scrolling function makes it faster and easier for telesales people to use. Any number of lists can be saved and comments added simultaneously to all records on the list. Users can then refer back to individual campaigns for follow-up.”

So, what can the new Salestracker offer you?

High quality data

The backbone of the new Salestracker is data. Insight has contact details of over 14,000 window, door and conservatory manufacturers and installers in the UK and subscribers can select the data that is relevant to their business. For example, if you’re looking to target installers in the South East or aluminium fabricators in the North West, Insight provides contact details for just that region, enabling you to quickly scroll through and select your prospects. The database is updated live in real-time a full-time team of directly employed researchers. If a new record is added at 9:00am, clients can be contacting them at 9:05am, which is a huge advantage to subscribers.

One of the most exciting features on the new Salestracker is Applications (Apps). Users can select the Apps that will be most beneficial to their business and can even have their own Apps built for them. An iPhone, Blackberry and smart-phone App is already in development. It utilises GPS tracking technology and, as Helen explains “If a sales person is early for a meeting, they can simply click on the App on their handset to receive a list of every window company around their current location. This will help them use their time effectively and target more prospects.”

Insight will soon be launching a Credit-Referencing App that allows users to check the credit score, credit limit and financial status of their potential customers. “This has never been done before in the window industry and will give companies an unprecedented insight into their prospects’ financial information – a very powerful tool especially with the uncertain economic conditions” Helen comments.

Direct Marketing
Now you have the name and details of your prospects and have a tracking system in place, you need to implement your contact strategy. If clients don’t have time or resources to do this themselves, Insight has the facilities in-house to put together powerful direct marketing campaigns that are proven to get results. Helen explains “We have our own fulfillment facility capable of personalised laser-printing, collating, folding, inserting and franking several thousand items in hours, while our creative team designs eye catching fliers and writes powerful sales letters that will grab your prospects’ attention. Mailminx is our latest in-house service, enabling you to send out hard-hitting e-shots that will reach your targets without getting caught in spam filters.”

Helen concludes “prospecting is something every business needs to get right. We already had over 200 users subscribed to the previous Salestracker and expect this to grow rapidly with the launch of the brand new version. We urge any companies in the window industry to get in contact with us so we can help you smash your sales targets for 2010.”

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