The Difference between Project Data and Insight Data

Whether you use Insight Data or project data, the main objective is to gain a competitive advantage by knowing who you should be talking to in order to target new customers and generate leads. In today’s data-driven world it is essential to have the most up-to-date, verified data for your marketing strategy and there are 2 main ways of accessing this – project data and Insight Data.

What is Project Data?

Project data provides information on building projects from the initial submission of a planning application right through to the completion of the building works. The data contains details of organisations involved along with the details of any key decision makers. Customers have the ability to see what work is being carried out and specialised contractors will have the chance to pitch to the client or main contractor.

Why we are different?

Project data is useful for some companies who want to get their services in front of key decision makers. It lists all the projects in progress, which in theory is useful. However, the problem with project data is by the time you actually get hold of it; it is out of date. Jobs have already been progressed and contracts awarded.You may have missed the opportunity to pitch your products and/or services to the architect or main contractor.

By using a static spreadsheet your marketing list will be out of date in no time. Sending marketing communications to the address or wrong contact in an organisation damages your reputation. Data decay is a massive challenge and causes missed opportunities to connect with potential new customers.

Because Insight Data is updated live in real-time you will always be using the most accurate, up-to-date market intelligence. By using Insight Data you can talk to contractors before the PQQ (pre-qualifying questions) stage and they will have all your information before any decisions are made. Knowing detailed information about the companies you want to target, their products, markets and financial position combined with direct details of their decision makers, you will have a head start on your competition.

What is Insight Data?

Insight Data provide the UK’s most accurate marketing data for the glazing and construction industry. In-depth intelligence helps our clients to segment and target new customers. It’s the fastest easiest and most effective way to maximise results and generate leads. Insight Data has pioneered live data providing customers with access to the latest, most accurate information in real-time, using 7 different methods to continuously research, update and validate information. Our tele-researchers make over 20,000 calls a month and data is updated immediately with out of date records removed automatically.

How can Insight Data help you have a head start?

Our database offers unrivalled market intelligence and business information to enable you to connect directly with the relevant decision makers and help grow your business. The better the data, the better your results. Having a strategy to target Main Contractors and Architects to ‘plant the seed’ in their heads of the type of product or service you offer is key. Insight Data, experts in email marketing, can assist with a unique 3-point plan via email to put your product/services in the limelight. Plus you are guaranteed to be using the most accurate and up to date information.

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