The Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing

Email Marketing can be a mine field to navigate when it comes to getting results from our data.

However, it is also one of the biggest ROI generators for our customers. We discuss below some do’s and don’ts with links to other articles that will ensure you are fully prepared to start maximising your data today!


  • Plan your campaign utilising market intelligence and data that will target the decision makers important to you
  • Ensure your email activity is compliant in line with PECR to make sure you don’t give your business a bad name
  • Utilise benchmarks to create an email that will give you the competitive edge
  • Design an email that will engage your audience, drive traffic and utilise strong call to actions
  • Follow up on all email engagements with a proactive telephone call that may just give your prospects the chance they need to open up


  • Use a scatter gun approach and hope something will workIgnore unsubscribes and do not contact requests – manage your lists responsibly to ensure no nasty accidents
  • Utilise Outlook to send mass emails – you and your company will be blacklisted for spamming
  • Leave your engagements without an action i.e. call, email response, brochure request etc
  • Think you know it all and ignore the benchmarks that can help you maximise your email marketing

How we can help

Here at Insight Data we have a dedicated email marketing department who can design, build and send your campaign for you! We can also deliver any follow up communications on your behalf.

For Salestracker customers we can also offer our STEM email marketing platform. You can design your campaigns with a simple drag and drop feature and directly send to your dynamic data lists.

For more information contact Insight Data on 01934 808293 or via email at