Upgrades continue for Insight Data’s popular email marketing platform

Operations Director, Jade Greenhow recently spoke with GGP Magazine to discuss the latest developments made to STEM, Salestracker’s in-built email marketing platform, and why businesses should be utilising this platform to build and send email campaigns.

The launch of STEM in 2017 changed the way businesses across the industry communicate with potential customers. Pre-STEM, businesses were using Salestracker’s prospect data to create data lists, to only then export them out to a third-party email marketing platform. To make matters worse, any leads had to then be transferred back into Salestracker’s CRM.


STEM eliminated the need for any third-party platforms and provided welcome relief to stretched marketing managers across the country. With STEM, they could design, build and send powerful email campaigns from within Salestracker, and then effectively track any enquiries.

In fact, STEM monitors all campaign activity including opens, click throughs and visitor behaviour, providing accurate heat maps. The system also tracks completed enquiry forms, working with Salestracker’s CRM system to populate with any leads for the sales team to follow-up.

The addition of STEM means Salestracker presents the ultimate sales and marketing package; an online prospect database of over 70,000 potential customers, a powerful CRM system and now an intuitive email marketing platform. Add Salestracker’s innovative mobile platform and field-based sales teams can access this data resource from anywhere in the country.

Continued development

STEM holds the title as the industry’s first and only dedicated email marketing platform. Our in-house software developers work incredibly hard to update, improve and develop the platform to provide the best version we can.

That began with an enhanced design suite, allowing users to design and build campaigns in a multitude of ways. Whilst seasoned email marketeers can use HTML, others can use the intuitive ‘drag and drop’ feature to easily compile assets, textboxes and calls to action. There is even a full range of fantastic templates that are available to use.

Along with widescale improvements, there have been more subtle changes. Whether it’s adding search functionality everywhere that made sense, adding the ability to select multiple lists or making text and checkboxes easier to select and manipulate, it’s things that day-to-day users may not have noticed but are helping to streamline the overall experience.

In that same vein, our team has worked hard behind the scenes to make the software more efficient and faster to use. Instead of seconds for elements to load, it’s now instant, whilst scheduling no longer takes minutes but seconds. This is all part of a major overhaul of the existing Salestracker infrastructure, with exciting new features and developments to come in the new year.

The platform for a rapidly changing industry

The improved STEM platform, which is leaner, faster and even easier to use, is perfectly placed to help our 700+ users utilise the unrivalled real-time data of Salestracker. This powerful pairing is not only helping customers target their ideal customer across fenestration and construction, but is best placed to keep users informed of the very latest changes across the industry.

It’s become impossible to internally manage marketing lists or spreadsheets, especially as mergers, acquisitions and closures continue to dominate the industry and as GDPR catches non-compliant businesses in its crosshairs. In these times of constant change, data decay has never been so significant, making a live prospect database and in-built email marketing platform quite the valuable solution to have.

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