Achieving business success from home: harnessing digital tools

Kirsty Winter, Insight Data’s partnerships manager explains why Salestracker could help your business navigate challenges posed by several local restriction challenges in 2021    

We are hearing more and more from our customers that Salestracker, our innovative sales and marketing CRM platform, is helping them to navigate difficult challenges posed by the recession, the operational problems caused by Covid-19 and market uncertainty connected to Brexit.   

Salestracker is the most powerful tool we offer to help businesses manage sales and marketing activity, regardless of what is happening in the worldIt is the only fully integrated sales and marketing platform, designed exclusively for the building and fenestration industry.  

Getting the most from Salestracker 

However, as with most digital tools, they are only as good as your knowledge of what they can do. If you don’t know the tools full capabilities your use of it will be limited.  

That’s why we provide expert training on how to use Salestracker. Our Saletracker experts enable our customers to get the most from our innovative tool. This, in-turn, delivers impressive results for their businesses 

As Insight Data’s partnerships manager, I help businesses to learn how to harness the full power of Salestracker for their specific needs. I’m passionate about helping our clients to achieve business success from home. I really enjoy demonstrating how Salestracker can revolutionise customer acquisition and management in a variety of scenarios. I believe that it’s the perfect tool to help businesses struggling during the multiple challenges the industry is facing at the moment.  

Why is Salestracker so relevant to Corona-virus challenges? 

A vital part of business success is managing your sales and marketing teams so that they continually deliver the best results. This is so important. Maintaining operational efficiency should be a top priority for any business. This is especially the case for businesses that want to survive through difficulcrisis caused challenges.  

The most recent lockdown guidance asks businesses to work from home where possible. This is probably one of the biggest challenges caused by lockdown measures. We know that maintaining team efficiency from a remote-working environment can be hard. However, by using the right tools, it is achievable and may prove more productive than you thought possible. 

Walso know sales managers need to be able to track their teams activity to maintain a healthy sales pipelineThis is less about big brother type management tactics. It is actually about being able to optimise techniques and activity to get the best results.  

A CRM system is often the easiest way to achieve that. Our CRMSalestracker, offers everything you need to help businesses working from home to be more successful 

Essential functionality that your CRM should provide 

You may already use a CRM platform to manage your sales and marketing teams. However, we think there are five essential functionalities a CRM should have if you want to use it to be more successful when working from homeWe would encourage you to test your current CRM to see if it can deliver the followingIt’s important to know that Salestracker can do everything we’ve listed below and more.  

Lets see how Salestracker compares to the CRM you may already use.  

Sales Pipeline management 

A CRM should offer sales pipeline management features. Your team need to be able to manage leads, quotes and orders, whereever they are. The visualisation of that entire process helps a manager to track conversion rates in real time. It can show you how many meetings your team have booked in and the pipeline each team member has generated. This enables collaboration as your team moves opportunities through the sales funnel towards conversion.  

Secure Cloud storage 

A CRM should provide the ability to upload important documents such as quotes, orders and proposals. Storing documents securely is a must have. Cloud storage allows easy access by approved team members from anywhere, at any time. 

Integrated Google Maps 

Integrated maps into a CRM system aids market research in specific areas, customer and prospect plotting and planning delivery journeys for products. Compatibility with Google maps allows a deeper level of strategic planning when it comes to targeting geographic locations with marketing. This will be handy if the UK returns to a geo-specific tiered Covid alert system.

 Activity record  

A CRM should enable the ability to add notes and comments to specific prospects or tailored lists you have marketed to. Those notes should be visible to your entire team. This is great way to record comprehensive histories of all conversations and campaignsThese notes can be used for other purposes too. An example of this is credit control and accounting. 

Task creator  

A CRM should assist management of team members from a central location. This mean that managers should be able to set tasks for themselves or members of their team. Useful automated reminders and overdue messages enable tasks to not be forgotten when times get busy.  

If your CRM doesn’t match up to those essential functions, and if you’re interested in achieving business success from home we’d love to talk to you about Salestracker 

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