Email revenue at risk from bad practice

Revenue is being hit because companies are failing to put in place sufficient measures to ensure email marketing messages are delivered, according to the Direct Marketing Association.

A white paper by the Association’s Email Marketing Council says bad practice is putting marketing strategies at risk and damaging ROI. To view the white paper in full click here.

The document outlines “ten steps to improved deliverability” including taking measures to improve data collection, monitor sender protection, reduce SPAM complaints and introduce “good list hygiene”.

So what happens to companies in the window industry who want to carry out an email marketing campaign but don’t have the time or resources to follow ‘best practice’ guidelines? According to Pete Fealey, head of Insight Data’s email marketing division, using a specialist agency to carry out your campaign is the ideal solution, saving time and money.

“Insight Data provides clients with an email marketing service that generates leads and gives excellent delivery rates and ROI” explains Pete. “Now companies in the window industry have the opportunity to target their prospects in a digital medium without the hassle of managing the campaign themselves. ”

Insight Data has developed Mailminx, a dedicated email system that dramatically reduces the number of emails caught by SPAM filters and junk email folders, ensuring more emails get through to the intended recipient.

“Instead of sending our 5,000 emails in one go – a strategy which will result in getting blocked by Internet Service Providers – we ‘stagger send’ our emails” explains Pete. “We also INBOX test all our messages against various email clients such as Outlook, AOL, and Gmail to ensure consistency, and format emails to take into account the “viewing pane” on Outlook.

While research shows email data degrades on average 5% a month, Insight Data’s full time team of researchers continually cleanse the data and keep it up-to-date.

“Managing an email database is simply too time consuming for a busy window company” Pete comments. “Our full-time team of researchers refresh the database every day, saving our clients a lot of time. We currently hold 50,000 email addresses of people operating in the window, conservatory and building industry, meaning you can reach a broad section of your target market and win their business.”