Prosperity, growth, success, expansion?

Just a few words to describe the impact tile conservatory roofs are having on the market.

Tiled conservatory roofs or solid roofs have widely been reported as expanding in the current market, but is this true?

The third part of Insight Data’s investigation into the conservatory roof market focuses on the quantitative data collected by Insights own research department and the opinions of the fabricators who make the product and the installers who go onto fit them.

The number of tiled conservatory roof installers has risen in the last 4 years by a staggering 58.5%. The many benefits of the tiled conservatory including increased energy efficiency, the practicality of the use of the extension itself and the aesthetics of the product compared to some of the older style poly carbonate roofs.

When surveyed, both conservatory roof fabricators and installers agreed that solid conservatory roofs are beginning to overtake the typical glazed roof. Fabricators either strongly agreed or agreed with 64% and installers followed with 59%. Only 16% of fabricators disagreed (none strongly disagreed) and 21% of installers either strongly disagreed or disagreed.

Jade Greenhow, Operations Director at Insight Data commented,

“Insight Data have been tracking the rapid growth of solid roofs for a number of years now and this is no surprise too see the response from both fabricators and installers. The market is huge, and there is a big opportunity for solid roofs to really stamp their authority and push for their products to be included into many different avenues.”

Insight Data currently hold over 13,000 local builders and home improvement companies who deal with conservatories and extensions.

Jade Greenhow also comments,

“Many of the big tiled conservatory roof manufacturers often are pre-approved by industry bodies such as JHAI. The number of reputable home improvement companies and local builders who are steadily converting into the fenestration sector opens a huge opportunity for suppliers to tap into. Its clear solid roofs are very popular, so it makes sense to widen portfolios of clients for suppliers.”

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