5 essential ways to use data to target the perfect fenestration prospects

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Are you struggling to find new prospects to sell to 

During tough times it’s important to review how you use data to find new leads. Prospecting based on methods of outreach you’ve always used is sometimes an automatic habit that is hard to break. However, if your leads are dwindling it may be time to try some new ways to target the people you want to contact.  

If you want to increase your leads check out our 5 helpful pointers below.  

  1. Start with the basics

It may seem like an obvious point but are your data lists up to dateIf you are using old data, you may be spending valuable time sending messages out to addresses that aren’t in use anymore.  

Other important factors to consider are: 

  • Diversification – do your target prospects still sell the same products? Businesses will routinely switch to selling different products based on demand and trends.  
  • Keeping your lists fresh means that you remain GDPR compliant. This is an extremely important legal requirement for companies that hold prospect data on file.  

It’s important to practice good data list housekeeping in order to efficiently target new prospects. If your prospect data is inaccurate you may be wasting valuable resource in targeting the wrong people.  

  1. Filter long prospect lists 

If you have a huge list of prospects you may be spending lots of marketing resource and time in outreach efforts. Trimming your lists to only target the most relevant leads will help your business to become more efficient in marketing.  

 Details to consider when narrowing down your data lists include:  

  • Geographic location – instead of spreading your net across a variety of different areas it may be easier to target a specific region.  
  • Company size – if a prospect business has recently shrunk, they may not need as much product or access to services as in the past 
  • Sector – reaching out to prospects that sell sector specific products will help you to talk to businesses that need and want what you are selling.  

Pinpoint the perfect target businesses for your products and services by filtering your data lists down. You’ll be left with the most relevant and ‘ready to buy’ prospects.  

  1. Find the decision makers

Capturing new leads quickly will enable you to achieve more with your marketing efforts.  

Having said that, we know that converting prospects into leads can involve a journey. The journey may involve various people in different roles within a business. For example, you may have the phone number or an email address of a marketing executive as a main point of contact for a prospect business. 

That exec will rarely be the decision maker at that business. The exec will need to get signoff from a decision maker within the business for you to make a sale.  

Make efforts to discover who the decision makers are for your target prospects. Cut out the middleman by speaking to them directly to shorten that conversion journey.  

  1. Carry out smarter conversations

Having smarter conversations is really all about setting up meaningful interactions between you and your prospect. A basic data list will often only consist of contact information. 

Creating a record of interactions for each contact will allow you to acquire insightful information about who you are talking to and what they need. It will also help you to find tailored solutions for your prospect based on previous conversations.  

Smart conversations result in both parties getting something of value from the interaction. You may not make the sale in the first call but that business is now aware of your brand. Whether you get achieve better brand awareness or develop a relationship, smart conversations enable you to move the prospect towards conversion.

Smarter conversations are also about the return on investment for your marketing efforts too. These high-quality interactions should yield better results for your business in the future 

  1. Nurture relationships

People rarely like to receive blanket marketing calls or emails in which no specific or personal information is used. Those calls or emails are often blocked or deleted very quickly.  

Instead, reaching out personally and demonstrating that you have an awareness of who that person is, what they do and what their pain points are shows that you care about them and are poised to provide a solution.  

This is a great way to turn a prospect into a customer that loves your business. Word of mouth is a powerful way to reach new clients. If your customers are advocates of your business, they may naturally do your marketing for you.  

Keeping notes on each prospect with a record of any historic interactions will help you to build a better understanding of them. Referring to previous calls or email campaigns shows that you have listened to them and that you value them as a potential customer.  

Building better relationships with your prospects will allow you as a supplier to remain in their minds. You may find that they call you when they have a need rather than you needing to reach out to them.  

Access to fenestration prospect data 

Using prospect data to improve your marketing efforts is an essential practice if you want to get more leads.  

You may already have data lists for your prospects. Every idea we have presented in this article is possible if you have the resource to spend time filtering through and taking notes for each prospect on your list.  

However, we know that this is often an inefficient use of a marketing team’s time. At Insight Data we want fenestration suppliers to survive and thrive in the present tough and challenging financial landscape.  

Our innovative tool ‘Salestracker’ equips marketing teams with the functionality to quickly and easily filter down large prospect lists, add detailed notes and create targeted marketing campaigns – all in one place 

If you would like to talk to us about what Salestracker can do for your business contact us now!

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