84 sales leads from email campaign

According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) – the UK’s leading authority for direct marketing – companies are still failing to effectively target their email marketing messages.

Not for Insight Data customers it seems, as trade fabricator, Rapid Aluminium, has discovered. The company recently turned to Insight Data to create an email marketing campaign and were staggered to receive 30 qualified sales leads from the first eshot, rising to a staggering 84 leads over the course of the campaign.

Michael Hewitt, sales manager at Rapid Aluminium was absolutely thrilled with the response: “This is the first time we’ve ever carried out an email campaign with Insight Data and the results have just blown us away.”

According to Sophie Priest, Insight’s marketing services manager, the secret is a combination of quality data, innovative design and Mailminx – a highly sophisticated email software system developed by Insight Data;  “Mailminx enables us to manage the online reputation of our email campaigns to ensure a higher deliverability rate, it also spam scores every campaign and inbox-tests the eshot to ensure it displays properly in Outlook, AOL, Gmail, Yahoo! and Hotmail, as well as creating iPhone and Blackberry friendly versions. Our digital marketing experts then get busy creating campaigns that look professional and stimulate response” explains Sophie.

Insight Data carry out email campaigns for a wide range of companies and suppliers and manage the online marketing of some of the biggest industry names; “we have several large organisations with in-house marketing departments that use our email marketing service as it is a highly specialised field that requires expert knowledge and serious investment in software to do it right.”

For more information on Insight Data’s email marketing service and current offers call Sophie on 01934 808 293 or click here for enquiry form.