Construction sector ripe marketing opportunity

Is the construction sector a ‘now’ opportunity for businesses hoping to market their services or products? Here, Alex Tremlett, Insight Data’s resident construction industry expert looks at why this might be the case.  

2020 has been a strange year for the construction industry. In some cases, it seems that Covid 19 didn’t really affect construction work in a lasting way. Residential construction companies experienced some boom or bust uncertainty with several home building companies taking measures to downscale or consolidate.  

However, overall, while other industries crumbled, construction and fenestration quietly got on with it. 

Construction industry remains strong

Indeed, despite some small bumps in the road early on, many construction companies are now back to full pre-Covid levels of productivity. The industry was buoyed initially by pre-existing pipelines of work booked in before ‘lockdown 1’.  

For some, this quiet and measured success bucked the perceived roadblocks predicted by some experts. There were a whole host of fears for the construction industry pre and in the early stages of the first national lockdown including:  

  • Global uncertainty on infrastructure development spending due to Covid-19 pandemic 
  • The knock-on effect of interrupted material supply chains from overseas sources 
  • Sales pipeline drying out in 2020 Q3, Q4  
  • Operational pressures building on businesses that opted to put team members on furlough 
  • Some commercial build projects stalling due to funding being pulled or paused 
  • The risk of big construction companies going bankrupt due to above problems  

It seems that, even though the industry may have experienced shades of the challenges listed above, it has come out of the other side relatively unscathed. Although there were some losses, the impact was nowhere near as bad as expected. This is great news for businesses hoping to sell into that industry. Construction may just be one of the most financially safe industries to sell into in 2021.  

More good news for construction suppliers

But there’s more good news. The UK government plan on investing heavily into local infrastructure projects moving forwards. They hope this will kickstart a financial recovery in this country and carry the UK through any problems caused by the Covid-19 global pandemic.  

The UK government have pledged to build a large swathe of new affordable homes in the next few years. With new housing developments come new commercial properties to support them. Whether it’s schools, shops or cafes – new commercial properties will be given the green light soon.   

With this increased stimulation of the broader construction industry, commercial builders and installers will need products and services.  

I believe that this is the right time to build strong relationships with them so that when they are ready, you’ll be their ‘go-to’ supplier. This represents a huge opportunity for building products and services companies to get new work for 2021 and beyond.  

If you’re not currently working on your 2021 marketing strategy right now, you should be.  

But when everyone realises that the construction industry is a ripe opportunity for selling in their wares, how are you going to cut through the noise?   

That’s where we come in.  

Insight Data connecting businesses to the best customers

At Insight Data we specialise in connecting businesses that sell into the construction industry to the best customers for their services or products. We do this through the innovative sales and marketing solutions we offer. Those solutions can help your business to do several things in 2021.  

Whether you want to grow your business, diversify into opportunity rich areas, reduce operational costs, gain sector intelligence or improve your sales and marketing processes…we can help you to achieve that.  

Now is not the time to stop marketing. In-fact, we think you should be investing more in marketing your products and services.  

We’d love to talk to you about how we could help you to get new business in 2021 and beyond. 

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