Email marketing service generates millions of pounds in new business


Email marketing is already recognised as the most powerful way of targeting new customers cost-effectively, but over the last year results have increased dramatically – and it’s all down to mobile phones.

Vicky Francis, operations manager for Insight Data, explains; “viewing emails on mobile devices has risen sharply in the last three years, but the last 12 months has seen a tipping point – with more emails now opened on a mobile than on a desktop PC.”

In fact, 65% of emails are now opened on a mobile device, which gives marketers a real opportunity to drive response. “Bypassing the gatekeeper and connecting directly with the decision maker on their mobile is a compelling proposition for suppliers” adds Vicky.

But it isn’t all roses. Email marketing requires a high degree of technical knowledge, design skills and technology. Then there’s all the legal compliance to deal with.

Insight Data has a dedicated email marketing department and manages hundreds of email campaigns, sending over 5 million emails a year. The results are often staggering, with some campaigns generating hundreds of qualified sales leads and millions of pounds in new business.

“Email marketing is a very specialist skill.  With a diverse range of mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop devices every campaign needs to be professionally designed and built. It needs to be tested across multiple email clients too; an email that looks great in Outlook 2010 may not display correctly in AOL or Gmail for example.  Then there’s SPAM scoring. Every email should be tested against approved spam filters – we use the industry leader, Litmus to test every campaign.”

Insight provides a complete email service – designing the campaign, writing the copy, taking care of the technical aspects, tracking the campaign and producing a full report. The company also produce full landing zone strategies, enquiry forms and regular eNewsletters.

Vicky adds “data is crucial to email marketing success. Using the Insight database means companies are able to target the right people in the right organisations. With Insight the data is accurate, up-to-date and relevant, so whether you’re targeting fabricators or installers, architects or local builders, the results will always be measurably better.”

The Insight email database currently stands at over 50,000 contacts, fully verified and updated by the Insight research team.

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