Get more value from your prospect data part 1: Prospect lists and online ads

Have you exhausted your prospect data lists? 

Are you searching for fresh ways to reach potential new customers with the contacts on that list? 

You’ve come to the right place. The answer to your problem may be surprising to you. Look no further than the humble prospect data list you already haveHowever, the secret lies in using that data list in new and innovative ways to reach further than you ever thought possible.  

If you are already using prospect contact lists for marketing purposes this article is for you. If you aren’t using prospect data lists, we want to give you another compelling reason why you should be. Regardless of which camp you’re in, sit back and learn how to harness the full power of your prospect lists 

Making your data lists work harder 

So, you’ve bought a list of prospect contacts. You plan on calling and emailing each contact to try and sell your products and services. Is that where the usefulness of that list ends? Not in the slightest.  

Squeezing every drop of value from your prospect data lists just makes sense, especially if you have paid for that list. Using your prospect data lists for more than cold calling and organic email campaigns will enable you to amplify your marketing in exciting and effective ways.  

The key to prospect data marketing success is making your list work harder and smarter for you.  

Uploading prospect list CSVs to marketing platforms 

Have you ever thought about uploading your prospect data to messaging and advertising platforms online? It’s not only easy to do but could yield massive results for your marketing efforts. Making your prospect lists work harder is all about using it in many places and for lots of different reasons. 

Getting your brand message out there is about two things:  

  1. Discovering people that could become your future customers 
  2. Connecting with those people in a meaningful and effective way  

Essentially, the prospect lists you buy contain the names and email addresses of people that you want to talk to about your products and services. Beyond traditional marketing methods such as phone calls and emails, there are more ways to reach those potential customers. Social media platforms and search engines are some of the most frequently used websites with extremely high levels of traffic.  

What if there was a way you could contact and market to the people on your prospect list through their social media accounts and the search engines they use?  


There are several social media and advert platforms that allow users to upload their own contact lists.  

They then match those email addresses to accounts on that platform. This means that you can target the names on your database lists on those platforms too. This is most commonly done through targeted, paidfor adverts that are served to your audiences.  

Using prospect data lists for Facebook Ads 

Facebook allows businesses to advertise on user’s feeds. To use Facebook to advertise your business you must create ‘audiences’. Those audiences are normally made up of people that are interested in similar things to your business. This ensures that your adverts get shown to people that will be interested in what you have to offer. You can upload your prospect list CSV and show adverts to them. 

Approximately 45.54 million people in the UK used Facebook as of August 2020. This means there’s a high probability that the people on your list will have a Facebook account.  

You can also create custom audiences from your own prospect data lists too. To do this you simply upload your CSV list to Facebook ads. Facebook uses that information to match contact details to each contact’s Facebook profile.  

Learn about how to upload your marketing lists in Facebook to target prospects from your list.  

Using prospect data lists for LinkedIn Ads 

LinkedIn is another place you can build brand awareness for your business with adsYou can upload your customer contacts CSV file into LinkedIn and use it to build audiences to send ads to, just like Facebook 

Uploading lists for company and contact targeting for LinkedIn ads is a great way to ensure that you are reaching your targets on a platform specifically built for business networking. There are 26 million LinkedIn users in the UK as of 2020.  

Potential customers will expect to see marketing messages in LinkedIn. They will also be a lot more receptive to your messaging too.  

Learn about how to use your marketing lists in LinkedIn to target customers and get more leads.  

Using prospect data lists for Google Ads 

Much like Facebook and LinkedIn, your target customer lists can be uploaded into Google ads to create custom audiences for adverts.  

This is potentially the best place to upload your customer CSV list in order to advertise your business. Why? Because Google is the most used search engine in the western world. Most computers will use Google as their default search engine so the chances of your target prospects seeing your ads are high. 

Uploading your customer CSV to Google Ads is a slightly more complex process. Follow these guidelines to add your CSV into Google ads.  

And there you go. Next time we’ll look at how marketing messages on different platforms can push a prospect towards becoming a customer.  

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