Insight Index aims to transform the window, door and conservatory industry

Insight IndexCommercial director of Insight Data, Helen Costeloe-Hughes, talks about the launch of the Insight Index, the new online portal launched January 2012 that combines an industry specific search-engine, product finder and supplier directory.

1. What prompted Insight Data to develop the Index?

The Index has actually been on the drawing board since Glassex 2010. As a data supplier we carry out in-depth research and analysis of over 15,000 companies in the window, door, conservatory and glass industry, in addition to the wider building industry.  As part of this process we realised there was a clear need for a central database and information hub for buyers and decision makers to find suppliers, research information and source products and components. This led to development work on the Insight Index in early 2011, with support from many of the industry’s leading suppliers.

2. Is it available for the entire industry?

Yes, the Insight Index is a free-to-use searchable directory of products, components and suppliers specifically for the fenestration, architectural glazing, building plastics and associated industries and suppliers can showcase their company and product information and provide a wide range of PDF downloads.

3. Who is the Insight Index aimed at?

The Index is primarily aimed at installers, fabricators, glazing contractors and associated industry people who need relevant and accurate information about products and suppliers. We also plan to roll it out across the wider construction industry so that architects, specifiers, builders and developers have access to the latest fenestration and glazing products.

4. What types of suppliers are listed on the Index?

Any company that provides products or services into the fenestration, glazing or building plastics industry. This can range from component and hardware suppliers to machinery companies or trade associations.  The Insight Index has over 300 categories and suppliers have the opportunity to showcase their products and provide relevant information and PDFs. This could be sales literature, technical information, case studies or accreditations.

5. How will the Insight Index be marketed?

We have very ambitious marketing plans for the Index. The target audience is the 60,000 companies (representing over 400,000 employees) who buy or specify fenestration or glazing products, from fabricators and installers to architects, contractors and housebuilders. Our marketing strategy includes national press advertising, SEO/PPC and online marketing, a major direct mail programme and we will also use our proprietary email database of 40,000 industry contacts as part of an email broadcast campaign. In fact, we’ve committed £100,000 to marketing the Index.

6. Is there a social media or viral marketing strategy in place?

Yes, we actively promote the Index using Twitter and LinkedIN and companies listed on the Index have the opportunity to use a dedicated Index web link (URL) to use on websites and marketing material to point potential customers to their profile on the Index.

7. Is the Index linked to the existing Insight Data software, Salestracker?

Salestracker is a very different product. It is a subscriber-only database that provides users with detailed information on around 60,000 contacts in the fenestration and building industry. Salestracker connects suppliers with buyers, whereas the Index is really a reverse engineering of this – connecting buyers with suppliers.  There will be some links, for example Salestracker will now provide the unique Index URL (web link) for companies listed on the Index.

8. Is the industry ready for a new service like the Index?

Our research has shown that the window industry is crying out for a supplier directory and product finder, but like any new technology or innovation it will take time to establish the Insight Index. It was the same when we launched Salestracker in 2008 and this is now the No. 1 prospect database in Europe for the building industry. We have a long-term vision for the Index and plan to develop it extensively in the years ahead.

9. Should all suppliers have a listing on the Index?

Every supplier should be on the Index. We aim to make it the primary source of supplier and product information for the industry, so that any company, whether this is a fabricator, installer, architect or builder, can find all the information they need from one portal. As well as product suppliers, any company that sells into the window, door, conservatory, glass or building plastics industry should be listed, such as machinery companies, insurance agencies, trade associations, software companies, component suppliers or consultants.

10. How do people find out more?

Just visit the Insight Index at to use the service, there is no log-ins or registration required. Suppliers can also find out about the range of subscription options and price plans by visiting the site. Alternatively call Insight Data on 01934 808293.  Be sure to follow the Index on Twitter: