Making Data Your Fuel For Growth

With so much data available to you, knowing how to make data work for your business, create sustainable growth and maximise opportunities, can really transform your goals.

By taking steps between collecting information and reaching profitable outcomes, businesses can easily gain a clear understanding of how to use data intelligently. By looking at the results and segmenting your analytics, this will lead you to accomplishing the goals you create and ultimately, grow your business.

By working with our team, you can learn how to utilise the real-time business information and contact details for over 70,000 potential customers across the industry. Our in-house research team conduct over 20,000 calls and interviews every month – This is just one step of our seven-stage verification process which generates over 1,200 changes and updates to our data every month.


Anyone can gather huge amounts of data but what connects the data to success is how you is distinguish what opportunities can be brought and ensuring you and your team can understand the power held within your reach.

How can you harness the power that lies in your prospect and customer data? When used wisely, you can be a driver of change in your business, by unveiling opportunities and pointing out problematic areas.


So, what are the main connections you can draw between data and business growth?

  1. By looking at your approach to collecting and using the right data, your business can build greater loyalty among your customers.

  1. By using your data effectively, you can help your business get your services or products to your customers and target audience faster.

  1. How you use data to complement your existing marketing budget and reach more potential customers is crucial. Being able to segment your data within minutes and target your prospective clients provides quick and targeted turnarounds.

  1. By knowing how to use your data effectively, you will cut down employee turnover and confidence. With seamless tracking, accountability and measuring of campaigns, marketing teams are more equipped and can provide insightful reports at the click of a mouse.


Making informed decisions as you set your agenda for the months and years ahead and being able to easily look at your reports or analytics, will assist in evaluating your findings easier. Allowing your data to help you will navigate your sales focus and growth operations, the right data and the right strategy will lead you to your objectives quickly and efficiently.


By appointing Insight Data to work with you on real-time business information and contact details within fenestration, housebuilders, local builders, main contractors, architects and builders merchants; we can help you use the right data to explore new markets and target new customers to grow your business.

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