Salestracker: Enter the Mobile CRM Revolution

Commercial director of Insight Data, Helen Costeloe-Hughes, explains how Salestracker Mobile helps businesses manage and improve their sales and marketing results, and talks through some of the key features which are designed to make doing business on-the-go even easier.

Mobile CRMMost companies will use some form of mobile technology, from simple uses such as accessing email out of office, to mobile optimised websites and email campaigns, and product ordering apps.

With the launch of Salestracker Mobile, businesses can now fully integrate and improve their sales and marketing. Like the desktop version of Salestracker, the mobile version combines live prospect data with the tools you need to manage your leads, customers and marketing activity easily.

The difference is Salestracker Mobile is designed to take advantage of mobile’s strengths, with an extremely mobile user friendly design and useful features perfect for doing business wherever you are.

 Search any company, anywhere

With Salestracker Mobile you’re accessing real-time information on thousands of glazing, and wider construction, industry contacts including fabricators and installers, local builders, house builders, main contractors and architects, depending on the databases you’re subscribed to. Your team can access detailed information about companies, products, decision makers and more anytime, anywhere. Build more targeted prospect lists and get much better results from your marketing campaigns through using the most accurate and up-to-date data in the industry.

Leads, tasks and reminders straight to your phone

Beyond access to basic contact information, field sales people can get sales organised with access to information such as tasks, reminders and conversations revolving around leads, as well as order forms, invoices and credit notes for customers. Records updated can be seen by everyone in your team who’s on the system and office based staff can assign leads to the relevant mobile user to follow up. This helps you respond to enquiries faster, manager customers easier, and increase productivity. Salestracker Mobile also includes clever new features such as ‘favourites’ and ‘recently viewed’ which make it an indispensable tool for both field sales people and office based staff.

Location-based Geo-targeting

Geo-location technology is a unique strength of mobile and the most exciting feature of Salestracker Mobile. Arrive at a location and get an instant snapshot of what’s happening around you. Tap one button to show a map of your prospects, leads or customers in close proximity to your current location, with a route planner to take you straight to your target prospect / customer. Find potential customers in the area which fit your criteria, or leads to follow-up. No wasting time waiting for meetings to start or to arrive to find the meeting has been cancelled last minute. You can even pinpoint existing customers to visit, helping you maintain relationships.

Seamless integration with your business

Salestracker Mobile lets you do business on-the-go and simultaneously keeps everyone in the office in the loop – No having to go back and forth between office and customer to finalise details. Field sales people can add details to Salestracker after meetings, which can instantly be seen by office based staff, order forms can be created and processed within minutes, reducing lead conversion time and…

Use on almost any smartphone

Salestacker Mobile is both a dedicated iPhone App and a mobile-web app that runs on almost any smartphone. It’s specifically designed for 3G enabled smartphones and optimised for high-speed access.

Salestracker is fully scalable with any number of individual users for both desktop and mobile versions, and you can set restrictions and permissions for each user. Many companies now use Salestracker within their customer services, admin, and accounts departments in addition to sales and marketing.

Salestracker Mobile adds value to your business by fitting in with your team’s current working methods and improving them. It’s easy to set up and fully integrates with your sales and marketing rather than an aside, helping to really drive your business forward through a powerful combination of live prospect data and an industry specific CRM system, all on your phone.

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