Salestracker leaves CRM systems in the dark

Salestracker CRMAs more companies move towards an integrated platform to help sales, marketing, customer service and finance teams work more productively, the number of Salestracker users has topped 700.

“We are delighted with the number of companies now adopting Salestracker,” said Insight operations manager, Jade Greenhow; “many of these are migrating from established CRM systems that simply can’t offer the integrated features of Salestracker, such as live prospect data built-in, credit/financial information and industry-specific CRM features.”

Salestracker was designed to help companies target new customers and manage customer relations within the UK glazing and building industry; from small glass and window manufacturers to PLC’s, U.S. Fortune 500 companies and international building products conglomerates.

Key features and benefits of Salestracker includes;

In the cloud.  Salestracker is accessed online so there is no software to install or maintain and no upgrades to computer hardware needed. Just an internet connection on a PC, Mac, laptop or tablet computer.

Multi-user. Salestracker can be used by one person in your office, or scaled up to 100+ users operating remotely across the UK or further afield.

Prospect Data. Salestracker includes the Insight prospect database built in.  Just select your subscription from fabricators, installers, architects, builders, construction firms or renewable energy installers, nationally or regionally.

Live Data.  All prospect data within Salestracker is updated live in real-time by Insight Data’s research team, so you will ALWAYS be using the most up-to-date, relevant data.

Integrated credit profile. This provides credit rating, credit score, financial information and details of any adverse credit (CCJ’s) on most Salestracker records in a clear, easy-to-understand format.

Your Data. Add/import your own records, data and information. Only you can view and access this information, and it means all your sales and marketing activity is together in one integrated system.

Build Relationships. Manage prospects and customers, create customer categories, build ‘hot lists’ and link social media accounts.

Manage Leads. Record and track leads, prioritise them with ‘lead ranking’, set follow-up dates, record annual or monthly spend/budgets, assign to sales people and more.

Get sales-organised. Set tasks for yourself or others, and get dashboard and email reminders – Salestracker will keep you in the loop, even if your task is assigned to other people.  

Need access to documents? You can attach orders, quotes, call reports and other documents to Salestracker records so everyone in your organisation can access them whenever they are.

Benchmark results. Measure marketing campaigns, track sales progress and conversion rates and even length of time to convert leads into customers.

Finger on the pulse. Get a 360 view of your sales and marketing performance; prospects, leads and customers, and sales pipeline; either overall or by individual user.

“With over 700 users, Salestracker has become an essential tool for suppliers in the building products industry. Having an in-house software team means we can respond to customer feedback and we have very exciting plans to roll out a host of new ground-breaking features designed to give our customers a huge competitive advantage.”

To find out more about the new Salestracker developments, contact Insight on 01934 808293 or email