Salestracker: The Power of CRM Integration

Salestracker CRM integrationInsight Data has announced updates to its Salestracker sales and marketing platform, designed to help companies improve productivity and get more ‘sales organised’.

“Salestracker is the leading prospect database in the glazing and construction industry, but this is only the tip of the iceberg,” explains Insight Data’s sales manager, Zach Ward; “the system is designed to actively help users integrate sales and marketing activity, build better customer relations and gain a ‘360’ view of their business”.

Sometimes a customer database or traditional CRM system just isn’t right. A CRM system can help you keep track of customers and monitor sales activity, but in today’s fast-paced business world where you need to chase new customers AND keep financial tabs on prospects and customers, an integrated system like Salestracker is the ideal solution.

Unlike traditional CRM systems, Salestracker incorporates a full prospect database built-in, helping you target new customers – fabricators, installers, architects, small builders and larger construction firms and house-builders.

It also includes integrated ‘credit profiling’ with credit rating, financial information and details of any adverse credit, so that companies can monitor the financial position of prospects and customers.

Meanwhile the CRM element of Salestracker helps you manage relationships, track leads and improve productivity. And because Salestracker is ‘in the cloud’ users can access it from office, home or on the move with their laptop or tablet.

Better productivity, better results

In todays connected, customer-centric world having all members of your team – marketing, sales, finance and customer services – operating cohesively through one system improves customer experience, productivity and profitability, while ensuring opportunities aren’t missed.

Marketing people can track what’s happening with sales leads; sales people know what marketing campaigns are running or if there is a customer service or accounts problem with their customers. Accounts can monitor financial status of prospects and new customers, and raise ‘alerts’ if there is a problem. Suddenly, business performance improves, and the management team can gain a 360 view of sales and marketing, including forward sales pipeline projections.

Designed for the glazing and building industry

Almost all CRM systems are generic and need to be configured for each industry and individual company requirements. Salestracker is different; it was designed from the ground-up for the glazing and building industry. So instead of weeks of downtime configuring the system and thousands of pounds in training costs, users can be up and running with Salestracker within a couple of hours. Even hardened ‘technophobes’ will be using the system in a matter of hours.

With Salestracker, companies can unlock their true potential and achieve real growth. To find out how your sales and marketing can improve contact Insight Data on 01934 808293, email