Change Task Reminder Defaults

When creating a task, you have the option to have the system send various email reminders:

  • An email when the task is created sent to the person it is assigned to.
  • A date/time email reminder, which will be sent to the person the task is assigned to shortly before the task is due to be completed.
  • An email to inform you when the task is 24 hours overdue.
  • An email to you when the task is completed (OR deleted!).

By default, you have to tick these boxes while creating a task in order to trigger the emails. However, you can set these boxes to be ticked by default every time you create a task by doing the following:

Click on “Preferences” in the top right. Click on the row labelled “Set your default task reminder options“.

Default Reminders 01

Tick the boxes of the options you want set by default every time you create a task, and then click “Save“.

Default Reminders 02

Once saved, the boxes you have selected will always be ticked by default when creating a task.

Default Reminders 03