How can I ensure my prospects in the construction industry are financially stable?

In a volatile market, it’s vital for companies to know if their prospects are financially stable. 

Doing business with companies that seem keen but have been hit hard by the unstable markets is a risky strategy. Dealing with a non-creditworthy customer can lead to several issues relating to payment and finance. 

Therefore, business leaders are looking for new ways to target the most relevant and high-yielding leads.   

With Insight Data, our vast databases can be filtered down to those who have healthy credit scores – ensuring free-flowing business for both supplier and customer. 

You can ensure you are mixing with the right crowds, boosting growth and profitability. 

Reliable prospects 

Recent analysis carried out by Insight Data has shown that over 10% of fabricators, installers and local builders currently record a credit score of either 1-20 (very poor) and 21-39 (poor). 

A further breakdown shows that: 

1,930 (14%) of 13,620 fabricators and installers have a low rating 

1,750 (8.6%) of 20,247 local builders’ also record a rating of poor or below 

Identifying credit risk 

Insight Data’s leading marketing platform, Salestracker, will allow you to launch campaigns aimed at only the most reliable prospects available.  

It has a credit risk feature built in that is designed to provide finance and credit teams with all the tools and details needed to make informed, data-driven decisions.  

Salestracker provides users with a financial snapshot including credit rating, net worth and any adverse credit history (such as County Court Judgements).   

Alongside this, users can find thousands of new prospects from all corners of the country, allowing businesses to launch highly successful and targeted marketing campaigns.   

What’s best – you don’t need any in-depth financial knowledge to understand it – with the feature allowing users to see a financial snapshot of a prospect in real-time using an easy to read and understand format, ideal for non-financial people. So, whilst you can see current credit scores, you can also track changes, so you can notice recoveries and inconsistencies in businesses’ credit rating. 

Insight Data 

If you supply into the construction or fenestration industry you know how important it is to have clear, concise information about the market, the companies, and the decision-makers that you want to target. This is exactly what Salestracker does. 

More people than ever before are now using Insight’s live data platform to pinpoint their perfect customers. With the uncertainty of the market, now is the time to find out how Salestracker can help you grow your business. 

Salestracker has over 700 users, including major systems companies, fabricators, and component suppliers, all of which can use the data to create highly targeted marketing campaigns to prospective customers, helping to build a more successful, profitable, and valuable business. 

If you want to gain access to exclusive marketing data and want consistent business growth, contact Insight Data today. 

For more information on how to find credit-worthy companies, please click here.