Changing Your Details

We keep five pieces of information associated with your account purely for reference purposes. By keeping these items up-to-date, you are helping the Salestracker team know how they are contacting and how to get in touch should you have any problems in using the system.

The five items of information are:

  • Username – the email address you were signed up with, used for logging into the system. For purposes of security this can only be edited by managers on your subscription, or a member of the Insight Data team.
  • First name – the first part of your name.
  • Surname – the second part of your name, this can be multiple names if required.
  • Position – the role you fulfil within your company (your “title”).
  • Direct no. – a telephone number you can be contacted on.

These items of information are used purely for internal purposes and are not shared with any external companies or services.

To update any item of this information, first click on “Preferences” in the top right.

Under “My Settings“, click the box that says “Update my details“.

Change Details 01

You can then change any of the fields as required and click “Update” to save the changes.

Change Details 02