CRM Customisation

Please note that this tutorial article only applies to users given advanced manager permissions on Salestracker.

Salestracker features various fields that can be customised to have values that you define. Currently the fields that can be customised are the following:


  • Status – please note that “Raw data” and “Do not contact” are compulsory as they are system requirements
  • Category
  • Custom 1 – you can name this one
  • Custom 2 – you can name this one


  • Source
  • Pipeline – please note that the option to alter the pipeline only exists if the leads are not set to “Lead Ranking”, see Lead Ranking vs. Lead Pipeline for more information.
  • Lead Custom 1 – you can name this one


  • Type

How to Customise

First, got to “Preferences” in the top right. If you are a manager the Preferences page will show several tabs. Click on the tab labelled “CRM”.

CRM Customisation 01

Click the row you wish to customise e.g. “Relationships”. It will expand to reveal the customisable fields. For each section you can…

  • Add a new field by clicking the “+ Add new field” hyperlink.
  • Remove fields by clicking the red “X” button next to them.
  • Rearrange the order of the fields by left-clicking on the blue arrow next to a field and then drag-and-dropping the field into the new position in the list.

CRM Customisation 02

Once you are happy with your fields, click the “Update” button under the section to save the changes. You may get errors when clicking the button – if this is the case, follow the advice given and then click “Update” again.

Please note that customisable fields are limited to 30 characters in length, and you may use letters, numbers, spaces, commas and dashes.

Updating Existing Fields

When changing your fields for a section, Salestracker will check to see if any fields you have replaced or removed are “in use” (i.e. has any information in the system been assigned to the removed fields). When you click the “Update” button, you may be prompted with a pop-up box which says “You are removing the field ‘[Field name]‘ – there is data in the system set with this value. Please select what you would like to update this data’s value to”. All you have to do is decide which field you want to reassign the information to, select it from the drop-down and then click “Update”. Salestracker will prompt you until all information has been reassigned.

CRM Customisation 03

As a precaution, Salestracker checks your data for fields that are not in the list you are presented with. If it finds fields that are not accounted for, it will add them on to the end of the relevant section. This process is automatic and is simply a precaution against “orphaned” records.


Please note that most of the customisable fields are limited to 20 options – however, if your requirements are beyond these please contact Support and we can oblige.