CRM Inactivity Alerts

Please note that this tutorial article only applies to users given manager permissions on Salestracker.

CRM inactivity alerts are triggers you can enable that detect CRM inactivity for a given relationship status for a period of time, sending a notification email to let you know that it might be time to reconnect. For example, you can receive a weekly email for any customers with CRM inactivity for two months.

To set up your alerts, begin by clicking on “Preferences” in the top right of Salestracker.

Click on the tab labelled “CRM Alerts“.

Inactivity 01

This tab has an alert builder that uses plain English to construct your alert. Simply choose your selections from the drop-down menus to build you inactivity alert.

Inactivity 02

For example, if you wanted to create an alert for yourself whenever a prospect goes untouched for a month or longer, you would select the following:

Inactivity 03

Please note that the time period for an amber alert cannot be the same as the time period for the red alert (the red alert must be longer) and that you cannot create more than one alert per person per relationship status (for example you could not have multiple “customer” status alerts for Joe Bloggs). You can create alerts for any user on your subscription.

Once you are happy with the alert you have created, save it by clicking on the “Create an alert” button.

Managing Alerts

Existing created alerts will be displayed in a table below the alert creation area. They will describe any existing alerts. If you need to remove an alert, click the red “X” button next to the alert you wish to remove.

Inactivity 05

Notification Frequency

Weekly emails will go out on the first day (Monday) of every week, monthly emails will go out on the first Monday of the month.