New CRM alerts feature for Salestracker

Salestracker CRM Alert Feature

Keeping in constant contact with your customers and prospects is the best way to win and increase business. Salestracker now provides reminder alerts to ensure you keep in regular communication with your customers.

Keeping in contact with clients

The modern business needs to be constantly on alert and ready to adapt to changing circumstances and situations, to stay ahead of competitors. That’s why regular communication with customers and prospects is so important. That’s why at Insight Data we’ve now incorporated contact reminder alerts into the latest version of Salestracker.

New contact reminder alerts to remind you to contact a client

Salestracker will now send you a reminder alert if you haven’t contacted a company within a certain period of time. This will allow you to stay on top of communication with customers and prospects, and keep ahead of the competition when it comes to securing those all important leads and sales.

Salestracker: enhancing your management of customer relationships

Salestracker’s new CRM alerts feature is one of the many ingenious functions that makes it one of the most innovative CRM systems. Designed specifically for the construction and fenestration industry, Salestracker seamlessly blends marketing and sales data with relationship management tools, allowing you to track leads, drive sales and get organised with tasks, calendars, documents and advanced map technology.

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