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Salestracker CRM Features

Cloud CRM technology

Salestracker has the best features of modern customer relationship management systems and strips away the complexity. It’s designed to be user-friendly and intuitive so that everyone can use it.

Dispel the notion that salespeople should spend hours typing information. Salestracker has clever technology and real-time data so your sales people are in front of customers, not computers.

There is no software to install or support, and no hardware to upgrade or maintain. Salestracker is hosted in the cloud with full SSL encryption security.

Users simply log in from any internet-enabled PC, mac, laptop, tablet or smartphone, with individual user and access rights.

Features at a glance

Integrated Data

Access data live in real-time

Live, real-time data

Forget buying or renting marketing lists. Salestracker gives you 24/7 access to all your prospect and marketing data, constantly refreshed and updated live in real-time.

Simply log on, select your criteria and download the data for use in your marketing campaigns. The built-in ‘do not contact’ is ideal to suppress records, such as unsubscribes, and you’ll have access to financial data for most companies.

Integrated Credit Profiling

With a live feed from a Credit Reference Agency, you’ll discover key financial data for most records on Salestracker. Use the Insight ‘traffic light’ system of red, amber and green to make informed decisions. The key financial data includes turnover, net worth, credit score, date established and even details of any County Court Judgements (where available).

Import your own data

Salestracker isn’t just about the Insight Database. You can add your own customers, prospects or other records individually or easily import multiple records from a spreadsheet, for a CRM system customisable to your business. Your data is stored securely and only available to you.

With Salestracker, you now manage all your sales and marketing in one system.

Dynamic Lists

The power of dynamic lists

Dynamic lists

Salestracker’s powerful ListBuilder enables you to customise and build lists using almost any criteria. Save any number of Lists and Salestracker will automatically update them for you. Export, share, edit and even add notes to all records on a list simultaneously.

Personalised hot lists and tags

Sometimes you just need to group contacts together. Maybe it’s your customer’s favourite football teams, delivery routes or special requirements. Instantly create a new Hot List and tag any record to collate them. View, edit and export Hot Lists to help manage all your prospect and customer activity.

Integrated Map Technology

With map integration you can now view a list of records on Google Maps, all within Salestracker. Perfect for analysing customer or sales activity, journey planning and marketing. Hover over a map icon to view the company, and click to view the record.

CRM Features

In-depth record view

Easily manage customer relationships

View Record displays all the company information, with additional tabs for products or services, notes, activity and documents. You can also click to email or view website, download a PDF or print a copy of the record, or view another record by opening a new browser tab, ideal for comparing companies.

With the Insight Database, you’ll find at least one senior decision-maker for almost all records, with many having several key decision-makers, with direct dial numbers and email addresses where available.

Store notes and activity

All users can add notes and comments to a Salestracker record from their desktop PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device, ensuring prospect and customer records are kept up to date. Specify a note type, such as a meeting or telephone call, and easily view all activity in one place.

A CRM that really helps you manage relationships

Mark records as customer, prospect, previous customer or define your own descriptions. Assign a sales or customer services rep, and set up user-defined fields to help you manage prospect and customer relations. Easily analyse, filter and view relationships. Salestracker even notifies you if you haven’t contacted a company within a specified period.

Powerful lead management

Salestracker’s built-in lead management system is designed to drive sales and marketing. Never lose a sales lead again, or forget to follow up. Get organised with Lead Ranking and track your sales conversion. Watch your sales rocket with Salestracker Lead Management!

Lead capture plugin

Salestracker has a web capture form that can be embedded directly into your website or email marketing landing page. Leads are captured and stored in a ‘Pending’ list where you can view all sales leads, delete spam or bogus leads, and then instantly allocate the lead to an existing Salestracker record or create a new one. Never lose a sales lead again!

Get Organised

Improve team productivity

Stay organised

Add any number of users to your Salestracker account and enable them to work together for better sales, marketing and customer service whether they’re working in your office, at home or on the go.

Task Manager

Now sales people and customer service teams can get really ‘sales organised’ with Salestracker’s Task Manager.

Set tasks for yourself or other users, and Salestracker sends an email confirmation and notification to the recipient’s Salestracker Dashboard. Salestracker lets you know when tasks have been completed or are overdue, ideal to stay in the loop if you’ve requested someone else carry out a task.

Attach documents

Having instant access to quotes, order forms, or other information can dramatically improve productivity, customer service and sales response. With Salestracker you can attach documents to a record, and this can then be accessed by members of your team at the office, at home or even when they’re out on the road.

Calendar integration

Salestracker has a built-in events calendar where you can add meetings, tasks or other events. It also syncs with MS Outlook, Google Calendar and other calendars using the WebCal format.

Gain a 360 management view

Keep your finger on the pulse with an overview of all sales and marketing, leads, sales pipeline and customer activity. Track marketing campaigns and delve into leads and conversion rates for individual sales people. View all Salestracker activity for your team, from logging in or viewing a record, to exporting information.

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