New Salestracker CRM system rolled-out to 600 users

Salestracker Live CRMLaunched in 2008, Salestracker was an immediate success. For the first time suppliers could access the latest prospect data live in real-time via a web-based application, dramatically improving sales and marketing results.

2010 seen the launch of Salestracker II, an all-new online system that incorporated a front-end Contact Management System that enabled users not just to access data, but manage prospects, track leads and record sales and marketing activity.

With over 600 users in just five years and a 97% annual customer retention rate, Salestracker has proved a must-have tool to companies across the glazing and building industry.

A revolution in CRM technology

July sees the official roll-out of the next generation Salestracker system, under the working name of Salestracker 3. The system has not just evolved, it has been completely redesigned from the ground up.

 We’ve developed new features designed to dramatically improve sales and marketing results, but before introducing these, there are two fundamental changes in the way Salestracker is designed that makes this system a truly revolutionary CRM system.

 Salestracker was originally designed as a ‘live’ database for clients to access prospect data supplied by Insight Data in real time, with a simple CRM interface that has proved extremely popular. But we recognised this was restrictive; many companies wanted to import their own customers, leads, contacts, suppliers or other information to use one system throughout.

Secondly, we realised that many (in fact, hundreds) of companies wanted to use Salestracker as a stand-alone system for their own purposes, and Salestracker was never designed as a stand-alone CRM.

So, with the latest Salestracker, we gave our software design engineers a new mission and 18 months later, phase one of this is being launched.

Salestracker 3 continues to have the Insight prospect databases updated live in real-time.  But the system also contains a stand-alone ‘empty’ database called ‘My Database’.  This enables users to add their own records and configure data to meet their own specific needs.  The CRM functionality is common across both the Insight databases and clients own ‘My Database’.  This means users have the best of both worlds; live prospect data, own data, or both together.

We will be launching two versions of Salestracker 3; Salestracker Live replaces the existing Salestracker II and contains the Insight prospect databases, and Salestracker CRM will be a complete stand-alone CRM system which will follow in a few months’ time.

Salestracker Live is being rolled out to existing Salestracker users this month – and there are now 600 of them.  Because the system has been completely redesigned from the ground-up and incorporates many new sales and marketing tools, we are introducing the system on a customer-by-customer basis, providing full training and support on the new functions.

More articles on the new Salestracker will follow, or more information call our team on 01934 808293 or email