Whats all the buzz surrounding the new Salestracker software? Glass News investigates.

This month Insight Data launches the eagerly awaited 3rd generation Salestracker, the online sales and marketing software. Glass and Glazing industry newspaper ‘Glass News’ caught up with Helen Costeloe-Hughes, Commercial Director of Insight Data, to find out more.


GN: What exactly is Salestracker?

HCH: Insight Data supplies prospect data and marketing lists, but the problem with all prospect data is that it becomes out of date very quickly. So we originally developed Salestracker in 2008 as a tool to help customers access our data live in real-time, download it and use it in their marketing.

It became apparent very quickly that we could develop Salestracker into a tool that would help customers identify prospects, customers and use as a basic contact management system, so an updated version was launched 2010. But the third generation of Salestracker, launched this month, is completely different. We have completely redeveloped the system as a powerful software platform, and we believe it will revolutionise how companies drive sales and marketing.

GN? So what are the main benefits of the System?

HCH: The key benefit of Salestracker remains the same; Insight Data’s research team update and verify information and clients access the data live when they log-in.  But other than this, everything is new.  A full lead management system tracks leads, sales conversion rates and individual sales performance, reporting on which marketing campaigns are working and which aren’t.

A new dashboard gives a complete 360 view of all customers, prospects, leads, and sales and marketing activity, and we’ve built-in lots of tools to help people get ‘sales organised’.

Another major new feature is ‘My Data’ were customers can import their own data lists alongside the pre-populated Insight database.  This means everything is in one place, and busy managers have their finger on the pulse, wherever they are in the world.

GN? What data does the system contain ‘out of the box’

HCH: Users have a range of subscription options depending on which market they operate in, who they want to target, and what area they cover.  We have over 14,000 fabricators and installers, and comprehensive data on commercial and new-build sectors such as architects, house-builders, main contractors and smaller, local builders or ‘white van man’.  There is a total of 64,000 records.

GN? How do users access the system?

HCH: Salestracker is web-based, which means there is no software to install or maintain, users simply log-on via the internet whether they’re at home, at work or on-the-move. We have developed the 3rd generation system with mobile in mind, so sales people have access to thousands of potential new customers on their tablet computers and laptops.  It is also scalable – as easy to use for a one-man business as it is for a PLC with thousands of employees – everyone gets their own access and permissions rights.

GN? What makes Salestracker different to standard CRM systems?

HCH: The problem with all CRM systems is that they are not industry-specific, they need to be set up and require extensive training. Then, of course, you need to import data and try to keep it updated – which never happens.  Salestracker is completely different; it was designed for the window industry and already has all the data within the system, which is continuously updated by our research team.  CRM systems are really a thing of the past; Salestracker is a new kind of sales and marketing software that gives a true marketing picture and helps sales people smash targets.

GN:  You mentioned financial data, are you now supplying this?

HCH: We invested in a live credit reference data stream two years ago to help us monitor companies who had ceased trading, change of directors, that sort of thing, primarily focused on data quality. But we’ve now integrated elements into the ‘client view’ so our customers can now see a clever traffic light system and credit ratings.  This is an immensely powerful addition and really helps sales and marketing people make better informed decisions.

GN: Did the recession change people’s attitudes to sales and marketing?

HCH: During the recession companies had to become leaner, more efficient and results focused. As we enter a post-recession period these attributes will stay – gone are the days of extravagant advertising campaigns and sales people tearing up motorway miles pointlessly.  Marketing must generate results and sales people have to hit targets.  Salestracker was designed with this ‘new world’ in mind. At Insight Data we call it ‘Bigger Thinking’.

GN: How do people find out more?

HCH: Interested users have a free demo and although Salestracker is truly ‘intuitive’ we provide quality on-site, telephone and online support and training if users want to go ahead and use Salestracker. In reality, people are up and running in minutes.   Simply call us on 01934 808293 or use our enquiry form for more information.