Why you still NEED direct mail

Direct mail examples

Industry data specialists Insight Data explain why direct mail is more important than ever before.

As the digital world continues to develop at an alarming rate, you would be forgiven for thinking direct mail is dead. But it’s time to think again.

Ten years ago, direct mail was seen as a very effective way to engage with your target audience but since then social media and digital channels have eclipsed the humble door-drop, proving more cost-effective, measurable and modern.

But it is now making a comeback and businesses are getting wise to its potential once again.

Direct mail’s renaissance is due in part to GDPR, the new data protection regulations, which made it harder for companies to farm data and sell it on and meant a stop to the daily bombardment of thousands of online messages to emails everywhere.


As GDPR required a brief period of adjustment, smart businesses saw it as an opportunity to rethink their company’s marketing strategy, turning the spotlight back onto direct mail and its advantages.

As digital channels become the most popular method of communication, there is more competition to get your message seen. After all, how many emails, tweets and online adverts do you get from companies wanting to promote their products in a day?

Compare that to how many letters, postcards or flyers you receive. Using direct mail means that yours may be the only one to land that day, or even that week – thus instantly grabbing the reader’s attention.

A high impact personalised letter or leaflet will look professional and add to the trust and credibility of your brand. It is also more likely to engage a potential customer because they have something physical in their hand which they can keep, to read again in the future.

Jade Greenhow, Insight Data’s Operations Director, commented:
Jade Greenhow Insight Data

“The marketing landscape is changing constantly but the value of direct mail cannot be understated.

“Direct mail is something that can be easily forgotten due to the huge number of digital channels now available, but smart businesses are seeing its advantages in the post-GDPR world.

“Digital isn’t going anywhere, of course, but for a marketing strategy to be successful it needs to operate across all channels – digital, social and direct mail.”

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