Think Outbound Marketing is Old News? Think Again…

Kirsty Winter, General Manager at Insight Data, addresses doubts about outbound marketing by showcasing how an expert-driven approach can enhance customer relationships, boost sales, and drive lead generation.  

Currently, most marketing strategies place inbound marketing centre stage. Traditional methods such as telemarketing, direct mail, and email marketing, are often considered pale in comparison to the wide variety of new and exciting digital marketing methods. Not only that, but poor outbound marketing efforts have contributed towards the impression that it’s too much of an intrusive strategy.  

And yet, when done correctly, outbound marketing complements inbound strategies. In niche industries, outbound marketing is a powerful tool due to its ability to deliver targeted, proactive, and personalised outreach – pillars of success for all glazing businesses. 

Here’s why outbound marketing is an indispensable tool: 

Unlike inbound marketing, where businesses wait for leads to come to them, outbound marketing initiates direct contact with potential clients through methods like targeted mail, email marketing, and telephone calls. This proactive approach alleviates the passive waiting game and allows businesses to take the lead in engaging with their audience. 

By sparking immediate interest through personalised communication, outbound marketing disrupts the delay often associated with waiting for inbound leads to discover the business. This can lead to quicker conversions and engagement as the business actively captures the attention of potential clients.  

But I’ve tried outbound marketing before! It’s return on investment didn’t meet expectations… 

By utilising up-to-date, highly targeted marketing data to pinpoint the ideal target customer, businesses can significantly increase their response rates, sometimes by as much as tenfold. This is why many businesses rely on Insight Data for such valuable information. With insights into products, volumes, preferred profiles, and contact information for decision-makers, businesses gain the ability to disrupt with pinpoint precision.  

With increased digital investment by many companies, competition and acquisition costs are rising, leading to diminishing results. However, fewer companies investing in direct marketing means greater impact and even better outcomes. Considering the rise of the insolvencies throughout the industry, an expertly executed outbound marketing strategy can place your business ahead of the rest and skyrocket your lead generation – protecting your business from the dangers of an empty orderbook. 

At Insight Data, our bespoke in-house marketing team includes graphic designers, specialist email marketers, direct mail copywriters, and fully industry-trained telesales operatives who are experts in turning warm leads into hot leads that are ready to convert. Coupled with our in-depth industry intelligence, our outbound marketing efforts boast a 96% deliverability rate for direct mail and 94% for email marketing – guaranteeing results your business deserves. 

With no time to waste, find out more about how Insight Data can guarantee your business success with outbound marketing. Call 01934 808293 or email to speak with one of the team today.