Building a List

List Builder is similar to quick search but offers many more filters that enable you to drill down more accurately to the types of companies that you would like to do business with. List Builder requires you to move through 3 pages.

Clicking on ‘Build a list‘ in the main navigation will take you the first page.

Listbuilder 01

Page 1

Various menu options appear in the left panel according to your subscription. These are grouped into 2 categories (Main Products and Specialist Products). On the top right you will see drop-down menu of databases that you are subscribed to. The ‘Installer Options (please select)’ drop-down offers three options.

When you have selected an option in Main Products and / or Specialist Products the centre panel will change offering you more filters as follows:

  1. Material
  2. Activity
  3. Markets Served
  4. Address Type
  5. Profile System or Aluminium/PVCu or Slab Supplier or Supplier brands
  6. Frames per week / Roofs per month / Doors per week / Units per week

When you have made your selections click ‘Next >‘. This will take you to Page 2.

NOTE: You do not have to select anything, in which case List Builder will assume that all products have been selected. Also, if you want to change your selections at any time click the ‘Clear filters‘ button to reset the selections.

Page 2

Listbuilder 02

This is the geography page which offers 3 more filters:

  1. Select sort criterion – order the list by company name or postcode.
  2. Filter by distance – enter the postcode and distance from the postcode you want to filter on in order to build the list. This will build a list of companies within a postcode radius of the postcode you enter. Please note that the radius is everything within ten miles, not accounting for road distance.
  3. Filter by region/postcode (either select the ‘Select all regions in your subscription’ tick box OR tick the boxes next to the regions you want).

NOTE: You can only filter on postcode radius OR tick region/postcode boxes – you cannot have both. Also, you do not have to select anything in which case the List Builder will act as if all regions have been selected.

Click ‘< Previous‘ to go back to Page 1 OR ‘Next >‘ to go to Page 3.

Page 3

Listbuilder 03

This page is titled ‘My List (not yet saved)‘ and requires you to do something with your list. Most of the buttons are described in detail in the Saved Lists article, so please refer to that article for more details.

Clicking ‘Save‘ will save the list and take you to a new page titled ‘List Name:‘ followed by the name of your new list. Refer to the article above (Saved Lists) for more information.

Custom Lists

To create a custom lists of records you have hand-picked, please refer to this article on hotlists.