Please note this article only applies if you are subscribed to Salestracker’s CRM functionality, as the process described in this article cannot be followed if you are subscribed to the data-only version of Salestracker.

By default every Salestracker subscription comes with 20MB of free space for you to use to upload files into. This amount can be increased (at a cost) – if you require more space, please get in touch with the Insight Data team to discuss.

Every record has a “Documents” tab. Click this to show every document or file associated with the record.

Documents 01

The storage bar represents how much space you have left on your subscription, and this is shared between all the users on your subscription. When this is full, you will not be able to upload any new files.

The drop-down menus in the top right of the tab can be used to filter down the documents shown.

To view any of the documents, click the blue arrow icon listed next to the file. This will attempt to open the file in a new tab – you may need to allow pop-ups on your internet browser temporarily.

Documents 02

Adding a New Document

To add a new document to a record, click the “Add new document” button.

Documents 03

This will open a pop-up window.

Documents 04

You can add a description of the document, as well as upload the document itself.Files must be less than 5MB in size – you can often find out the size of a file by right-clicking on it and then left-clicking on “Properties“.

Campaigns 07

There are often numerous ways to reduce a file’s size – please consult a search engine if you need to do so.

Click *”Browse” to bring up your computer’s browse window. Find the file you wish to attach and double-click on it. Salestracker prefers it if the file’s name is only letters, numbers, underscores(_) and dashes (-) and may not allow the upload if the file name has too many special characters.

*Please note that the “Browse” button may use different wording depending on what internet browser or operating system you are using.

The file’s name will appear next to the browse button.

Campaigns 08

Now click the “Attach” button.

Campaigns 09

Salestracker will now attempt to upload the file. Depending on the file’s size and the speed of your internet connection, this may take a few minutes. Please give Salestracker some time to upload. The spinning icon represents that the system is working to upload the file.

Managing Documents

If you need to find a document, you can find them with the document manager.