Mobile Tasks

Salestracker Mobile features a lot of functionality around tasks. We recommend you read and digest the documentation around tasks on the regular desktop version of Salestracker, as it will assist your understanding of tasks in general.

Viewing and Updating Tasks

Tasks can be accessed by tapping the “Tasks” item in the menu or by tapping the “Tasks” button on the dashboard.

Mobile Tasks 01Mobile Tasks 02

The tasks panel shows a list of all your tasks. “Filter tasks” allows you to filter down the tasks shown and “Create a task” allows you to create a new task not associated with any record.

Mobile Tasks 03

You can click on any of the tasks to open it in full.

Mobile Tasks 04

To mark the task as “completed” or “deleted”, tap the corresponding button at the bottom of the task. You will be prompted for confirmation and then the system will update the task accordingly. To postpone the task, tap the “Postpone” button.

Mobile Tasks 05

Tap the date icon to change the date, select the time and then tap “Save” to update the task. To cancel any changes, tap the “Cancel” button.

This can also be done while viewing a record too. On the record there is a task icon which looks like a pencil on a checklist. Tap this to open the record’s tasks tab.

Mobile Tasks 06

From there, it’s simply a case of following the steps outlined above.

Creating a Task

Find the record you wish to add the task to, and then tap the task icon shown above. This will open the tasks tab.

Mobile Tasks 07

Tap the “Add New Task” button. This will open a new task; fill in and select all the fields as appropriate.

Mobile Tasks 08

Scroll to the bottom of the new task and tap “Save” to record your new task. Alternatively, tap “Cancel” to cancel adding a new task.

Mobile Tasks 09