Task Overview

Please note this article only applies if you are subscribed to Salestracker’s CRM functionality, as the process described in this article cannot be followed if you are subscribed to the data-only version of Salestracker.

This article describes tasks in general. If you want to know how to create a task, read this dedicated article.

Within Salestracker “tasks” are reminders, both for yourself and for other people on your subscription. You can assign them to other people or yourself, depending on how you want to utilise the system.

The Task Manager Page

Task management takes place within the “Task Manager” page. To access it, simply click on the “Tasks” link on the main navigation.

Tasks 01

This will pull up the Task Manager, which is comprised of two parts: the filters at the top of the page, and the actual task summaries in the lower half.

Tasks 02

By changing the values of the filters and clicking “Filter“, you can return tasks that match the filter criteria. To return the task overview to showing all tasks, just click the “Reset” button next to the “Filter” button.

To view the tasks on the record they are related to, click the highlighted company name. This will pull up the tasks tab on the record view (see the record view article for more details).

Tasks 03

Managing Your Tasks

Tasks 04There are three things you can do with an “active” task, each represented by a button:

  • Postpone its target date to a later time – represented by the blue clock button.
  • Mark it as “completed” – represented by the green tick button.
  • Mark it as “deleted” – represented by the red “X” button.

Postpone: Clicking the clock button on a task will bring up a pop-up menu where you can add/edit the task note and change the date. Simply amend as required and then click the “Postpone” button.

Tasks 06

Complete/Delete: Marking a task as “completed” or “deleted” will automatically prompt you to add a note to the corresponding record, which will appear under the “activity” tab on the record view. Depending on the different emails the task creator has set on the task, completing or deleting a task may send the task creator an email to let them know your action. After completing/deleting a task, you will be prompted to add a note to represent that the task action has taken place. Simply amend the note as required and click the “Create” button to proceed.

Please note that tasks marked as “completed” or “deleted” will be removed from the system after a period of time in the interests of data cleansing and to keep the amount of tasks stored in the Task Manager down. This is why the system prompts for a note when completing/deleting a task as the notes are never cleansed.

Tasks 05

Please note that tasks will also show on the “Task” tab of the record view. The same three buttons are available next to each task on the record view, and each does exactly the same as on the Task Summary page.

Manager View

This section only applies if you have management permissions on Salestracker.

Managers have an expanded selection of filters. By default “standard” users see tasks assigned to them and tasks they have created. Managers have access to all tasks their users have created regardless of who created them and who they are assigned to.