Filtering Lists by Credit Score

Please note that the credit export mentioned in this article is currently only available for fenestration records only.

If you need to produce a list of companies based on their credit rating, it is possible using Salestracker and a spreadsheet program (like Microsoft Excel).

Firstly, build a list as per the instructions in the Listbuilder article – pick your criteria and geography and generate a list, save it if you want to keep it.

Once you have the list, click the “Export” button.

Credit Export 1

On the export dialogue that pops up, select which file format you want to export and which type of list you want. The important bit is at the bottom of the box – make sure to tick the tickbox next to “Credit Information”.

Credit Export 2

With this ticked, click “Export” in the lower right of the dialogue. Save the file that Salestracker produces (it might take a few minutes depending on the amount of information you have requested).

Open the file in your spreadsheet program of choice. The columns on the far right of the spreadsheet should all pertain to credit information.

Credit Export 3

Simply highlight the “Credit Rating” column and then organise it alphabetically – usually this is a button with “A-Z” written on, but please consult your software’s documentation or a search engine to find out how to do this. Here is an official guide for how to do this in Microsoft Excel. Make sure to click “Extend selection” if your program prompts you for a selection. The spreadsheet will now have a list of companies ordered from the lowest credit rating to the highest.

With the spreadsheet now organised, you can now remove records as you wish by looking at the credit rating. All of the records without credit ratings will be listed at the bottom (the credit rating will be empty).