Logging In To Salestracker Mobile

Salestracker will attempt to determine whether you are on a desktop PC, laptop or mobile device when you load up the website. If you are on a mobile phone or tablet, it should present you with a mobile optimised login screen:

Mobile Login

The login screen functions identically to the login screen for the desktop version, so please refer to that article for more information about logging in.

Please note that users subscribed to the data-only version of Salestracker will not be able to benefit from Salestracker Mobile, as logging into a data-only account will take you to the data-only desktop dashboard.

iPad View Option

If you pull up Salestracker using an iPad, you will be presented with the mobile-optimised login screen. However, if you want to access the desktop version there will be an extra button on the login screen labelled “Access desktop version“. Tap this to switch to the desktop version of Salestracker.

Mobile Login 02

If you wish to switch back to Salestracker Mobile, simply tap on the link labelled “to revert to the mobile optimised version, click here“.

Mobile Login 03