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To login to Salestracker, you require two pieces of information:

  • Your “username”, which is the email address you were signed up with
  • Your Salestracker password

If you do not know your Salestracker username, you can call Insight Support to find out. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset your Salestracker password by following the instructions in this article.

If you go to http://st3.insightdata.co.uk/home, you will be prompted for both items of information. Simply fill in both fields and click “Login” to enter Salestracker.

Please note that if either item of information is incorrect, the system will not let you in and will indicate that the login credentials are not correct. Please re-try the credentials and possibly reset your password. The system is indifferent as to how you capitalise your username, but the passwords are case-sensitive, meaning that the system distinguishes between upper and lower case values.

You may note that there is also a tickbox for “Remember me”. Ticking this box will prompt the system to remember your username for the next time you login. Please note that we do not remember password information like social media services due to the sensitive nature of the data housed within Salestracker.