Mobile Favourites

You can flag up to 25 records as being your “favourites”. While viewing a company record, tapping the “+Fav” button will add the record to your favourites.

Mobile Favourites 01

To view your favourites, either tap the “Favourites” item in the menu or tap the “Favourites” button on the dashboard.

Mobile Favourites 02Mobile Favourites 03

You will be presented with the favourites panel, a list of records you have marked as “favourite”. You can click on any of the records listed to be taken through to the full record. Records with relationships are highlighted with a blue relationship icon, and records with leads are highlighted with a red leads icon.

Mobile Favourites 04

To remove a favourite, simply tap the red “X” next to the record you wish to unmark as a favourite. You will be prompted to confirm your decision, and then the favourite will disappear from the list.

The icon in the top right will take you to the Dashboard.

Mobile Recently Viewed 05

You can tap on the “View on Map” button to pull up a map of the UK with all of your favourites highlighted on it.

Mobile Favourites 05

Please refer to the article on maps for further details on how to use the maps.

Tap “Go back to the previous page” to return to your list of recently viewed records.