What is Live CRM and why should you be using it?

There are plenty of reasons why Salestracker CRM is useful to your company. We have outlined what a CRM is and just a few of the most important reasons why Salestracker CRM is useful to you and your business.


What is a CRM system?


Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a tool every company should be using. A CRM allows organisation; keeping all your contacts, leads and data together. Also allows you to track tasks and input information you collect about a contact.

Live CRM

Live CRM simply keeps all your information up to date and also enables you to interact with your surrounding areas via google maps. Via mobile phone, a Live CRM will alert you of nearby contacts to engage with when you are out on the road. Mobile CRM is becoming a must have for sales representatives and marketing professionals who want to access customer information and perform tasks when they are not physically in their offices.

Cloud CRM

A CRM which is all in the cloud means it can be accessed from anywhere, perfect for a sales team out on the road, but also perfect for anyone away from their desk. For example, the manager can keep track of who is doing what with a Live cloud based CRM without having to be sat in the office. Track who is doing what and compare to see who is making the most sales, getting the most leads, making the most contact etc.

Why Salestracker?

Specialist fenestration and construction data

Salestracker CRM by Insight Data is different to other CRM’s because it is industry specific. Insight Data are specialists in the market with a whole expert research team keeping the databases live and up to date daily. Because the Salestracker CRM is live and updated constantly, it means there is very little chance of getting stale contacts, if companies have moved offices or changed telephone numbers Insight Data are first to know about it. This sets Salestracker aside from other CRMs because the information doesn’t become dated and irrelevant.

Credit profiling

Salestracker CRM also has Credit Profiling unlike other CRM’s allowing you to check the credit of a company before you do business with them. This is useful for making sure you don’t do business with a company with a poor credit rating, so you know you’ll get paid on time or at all! It is also useful to check existing customers to make sure they haven’t gone into liquidation without alerting you.

Better engagement with customers and prospects

One of the main reasons you should have a CRM is for contacting your prospective and existing customers. Contact every three months or sooner builds trust and professionalism and keeps you at the forefront of companies minds. Salestracker CRM has Alerts which notifies you if a contact hasn’t had any activity on their account for a specified length of time. A study done by the Association of Sales Executives revealed that 81% of all sales happens on or after the fifth contact, so having these alerts will make sure that you keep up the regular contact, for more sales or better customer relationships.

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