Create a New Lead

Please note this article only applies if you are subscribed to Salestracker’s CRM functionality, as the process described in this article cannot be followed if you are subscribed to the data-only version of Salestracker.

Leads are tied to records. First, find a record where you want to create a new lead and bring it up on screen.

Once you have the record in front of you, create a lead by clicking the “Create new lead” button. This button can be found in two places on the record:

  • On the “Business” tab, somewhere in the middle.
  • On the “leads” tab, in the top left.

Create Lead 01

Clicking this button will bring up a pop-up window:

Create Lead 02

What follows in an explanation of each part:

  • Details – some brief details pertaining to the lead.
  • Inform assignee of new lead via email – ticking this box will send the person the lead is assigned to to inform them of the new lead. This box will tick itself if you select an assignee other than yourself – you can untick it again if you so wish to do so.
  • Send email reminder on follow-up day – ticking this box will prompt Salestracker to send the assignee a reminder email on the day the lead is due to be followed-up on. This box will tick itself if you choose a date later than today, but you can untick it again if you so wish to do so.
  • Lead rank – rank the lead by how “hot” it is i.e. how likely the customer is going to buy. Please note that if your Salestracker is using a customised sales pipeline, you will see “Stage” here instead with a drop-down of all the customised values. Find out the difference between ranking and pipeline in this article.
  • Assign to – select which user on your subscription to assign the lead to. It will then appear in their leads overview once saved.
  • Potential spend – how much this company is potentially looking to spend. You can enter generic values like “1000” and Saltestracker will convert it to “1,000.00” behind the scenes. Alternatively you can enter the full formatted value i.e. “1,000.00”.
  • Campaign – if you have set up a campaign and this lead has been generated from it, you can flag up which campaign this lead came from here.
  • Lead source – where the lead came from.
  • Custom 1 – this is a completely customisable field where you can assign your own data. If it has not been customised, it should not appear.
  • Lead date – by default this is set to today’s date, but you can back-date leads if required. Please note that you cannot use future dates here!
  • Follow-up date – the date the lead is due to be followed-up on. This can either be today or a date in the future.

The lead source and custom 1 fields are customisable – find out how to customise them in this article.

Once you have entered all the lead details, click the “Create lead” button in the lower-right of the pop-up box to save the lead.

Once saved, the lead will appear in the Leads Summary (if you have assigned it to yourself) and on the record itself under the “Leads” tab.