Make Data The Most Important Part of Your Marketing Mix

Marketing is there to help you maximise your brand and profits, so why is it that data is always the last thing you think about when it comes to marketing?

Jade Greenhow, Insight Data’s Operations Director, discusses why data should be the most important part of your marketing mix in today’s construction and window industry.

You could have the best product on the market, set at the best price, and you know exactly how you want to promote it.

But if you’re not going to send that information to the right people then there’s no point.

Using data to drive your marketing will optimise your brand communications based on customer information. This data can show you a customer’s needs, desires and future behaviours, and such insight will help you to target the right customers with the right messages for the highest possible return on investment (ROI).

Know your customers inside out

Today, there’s no excuse for not knowing what your customers want. Gone are the days of mass, untargeted marketing to thousands of businesses in the hope of getting a bite.

The digital age has not only brought about widened reach, but pinpoint targeting accuracy too – and companies who do not make use of this accurate data will be left behind.

Data can be used to find out everything about a business, from the products they buy-in and their target market, to the areas they cover, the key decision makers and their turnover.

Knowing as much information about your customers will allow you to develop highly targeted marketing campaigns that cater to their specific needs.


Specific campaigns to increase customer engagement

Insight Data Construction Database

Data-driven marketing enables you to have a much better idea of what and when to send marketing messages and make communications more personal.

Customers want information that’s useful to them, so marketing messages relevant to their specific needs will mean they are more likely to engage with your content.

Accurate, up-to-date data is also crucial as it will allow you to continuously improve your marketing campaigns in tune with your customer’s ever-changing needs. Not only will this garner even more engagement it builds trust in your brand for customers moving forward.

Setting new standards in data

Since launching in 2006, Insight Data is now the leading provider of marketing data and CRM software exclusively in the UK construction, fenestration, and glazing industries, helping suppliers get better results from their sales and marketing.

Thanks to our dedicated research call centre and a software development unit, we supply the UK’s most accurate marketing data with in-depth intelligence to help clients pinpoint new customers.

Our extensive knowledge of the industry combines with a call centre making over 20,000 research calls per month to collect, update, and verify in-depth information, from contacts to products, and this information is available to you live in real-time.

This allows us to manage our prospect databases more frequently and accurately than any other data supplier and helps our customers target prospects more precisely, often generating five times more response.



Today our online prospect database and CRM system, Salestracker, is trusted by over 700 industry-leading companies.

To target the right customers with the right information, data must be at the core of any successful marketing strategy.

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