5 marketing tips using data insights for targeting home improvement companies

A concise and focused marketing strategy can make a significant difference when it comes to targeting companies within the home improvement industry. Service providers and product suppliers will see noticeable improvements in their output through the inclusion of the right data within a marketing strategy. There is a lot more scope available when it comes to home improvement marketing. Through a cohesive marketing effort and the use of data, you can open up a host of new opportunities when targeting home improvement companies.

1) Ensure that you have access to fresh insights to use towards your marketing efforts

Utilising resources that can provide insights can be an invaluable tool to unlock prospect data. That being said, it is important that the data that you are accessing is up to date. In order to effectively target home improvement companies, it is vital that you are able to access fresh records. For example, our marketing databases provide consistently up-to-date information on specific sectors within the fenestration and construction industries.

2) Your email marketing designs need to be engaging

follow up email graphic email campaignStaying ahead of the ever-changing email marketing landscape is crucial when it comes to providing the best possible campaigns and subsequent lead generation. One sure-fire way to make the most of an effective email campaign is to ensure the design is engaging and attention-grabbing. The more your email stands out to a prospect, the more likely it is that you will generate a lead.

Being concise yet still keeping the engaging focus within your design is important, as is being able to make an email personal and including effective CTAs (calls to action). Also, the more engaging and unique your content is, the more it will stand out; if the copy is clear and engaging, the leads will come. Some examples of email marketing tips to stand out to home improvement companies include:

  • Having a strong subject line, one of the most important facets of an effective email marketing campaign
  • Look at offering something exclusive, such as an offer or incentive
  • Ensure your branding is consistent with what the home improvement companies you are targeting expect and know you for
  • Keep your prospective clients in the loop with information such as lead times or specific product information

Sending out an email campaign is only part of the process, with the analytical side of the resulting data always a part that cannot be ignored. Through the data analysis of an email campaign, you will be able to see how the amount of opens and clicks compares to previous campaigns. Through doing this, you can easily use the data to make changes to each email in order to reach an ideal outcome.

3) Use market research to get ahead of competitors

graphic image showing increase and decrease in collected data

Using market research is important for providing insights into the respective motivations that your customers and potential clients are displaying. Using quantitative data will provide a clear picture in terms of pure statistics and customer behaviour. It is important that when using quantitative data you are being as thorough as possible.

Certain data capturing avenues may not be able to target all available, so it is important that this is organised in a considered and reliable way. While qualitative data research is typically not as black and white as quantitative data, it is still a very viable asset to explore.

You can glean a strong amount of informative data from qualitative research and be able to get a clear indication of the motivations and consumer behaviours exhibited by your prospective clients.

Indeed, if you are looking for a source for a range of both qualitative and quantitative data for the home improvement industry, then our 2021 Industry Report is the ideal place to look. It is complete with significant insights into the current state of the industry.

4) Provide relevant and engaging content to build trust factors

If you are able to provide content for your website and digital channels, then that will in turn help to boost not only your visibility but a number of trust factors as well. Building trust is naturally an important facet and a cornerstone of any successful business model. Using data alongside your content can further increase trust signals among those who visit your site. Such data can include looking at metrics such as user behaviour and engagement levels to analyse how content is being consumed.

Having your own insights used within your content, such as the aforementioned collective quantitative and qualitative research data, can further help to build trust signals for prospects. If you are a consumer, reading through copy that cites credible data from credible sources is going to make you much more likely to place your trust in that source, rather than one that lacks such credibility.

5) Be able to able to be cohesive and coherent in your brand and targets

Data and statistics with graphsIf you are able to be clear and concise when it comes to your brand, what it is you are offering and what edge you have over your competitors then the easier it will be to form an effective strategy. By combining some of the above factors, you can use a data-driven approach to your marketing.

For example, from looking at lead generation data, you can see how that has compared to previous time periods or competitors. This is important when it comes to analysing how those leads have been generated and how your marketing campaigns have provided an impact.

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