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Architects Database

Highly targeted architects marketing data and email list

The Insight Architects Database provides all the key information to help you target architects and specifiers by telephone, direct mail and email, with the UK’s most accurate and targeted architects email marketing list.

Using project data (such as Glenigans or Barbour ABI) to access the latest tenders and planning approvals means all your competitors are doing the same at the same time.

Insight Data helps you target architect firms and solo practitioners earlier in the specification process – at the design stage – which means you can raise awareness of your products, services or CPDs and even get them written into the project specification.

Information on 18,000 architects

With over 18,000 architects in 9,000 practices active in the UK build environment (with over 19,500 verified and updated email contacts), you can easily segment and target architects across a range of sectors and sub-sectors, including public sector, private commercial projects, large-scale developments, residential housing and more.

The Insight Architects Database includes:

  • Full company details including telephone and email (where available)
  • Comprehensive list of architects with direct email address (where available)
  • Expertise and sectors such as health, education and leisure/retail

Accessing architects data

We can supply data as a one-off list for use in a single campaign, or for regular use subscribe to Salestracker and access your data online, in real-time, so you’ll always be using the freshest and most accurate marketing data.

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