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What are your subscription options?

There are two database subscription options. (1) One-off supply. We supply the data once in a spreadsheet for your use for 6 months. (2) You subscribe to our online system, Salestracker, which is continuously updated so the data is always fresh and updated when you use it.

How much is the data?

It depends on which database you wish to use, the level of information you require and the number of contacts. For one-off supply, payment is required with order, and for Salestracker subscription you can either pay for 12 months’ use at point of order or, for qualifying companies, this can be spread out on monthly payment for a minimum of 12 months (subject to credit status and payment by standing order/direct debit).

What is Salestracker?

Salestracker is a web-based software system where you can log-on and access the data you have subscribed to. You do not need to install any software on your computer or network, and anyone you authorise can log on from any internet enabled PC, Mac, laptop or iPad using Internet Explorer 7 or above, Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

Salestracker is also an online CRM software, which means you can add additional information to the database that helps you track leads and prospects, manage your sales and marketing activity, attach documents, set tasks and much more. Additional information you add is your data and cannot be seen by Insight Data.

How often do you update the data within Salestracker?

Most data suppliers add updates to their online databases every few months, so although the software may be available 24/7, the data within it is not necessarily fresh and up-to-date. Salestracker is different; it is a “live system” which means the data within it is continuously being updated in real-time. As Insight Data’s research team call a contact on our database, the information is updated directly into Salestracker simultaneously and you access this information immediately.

Where is the data stored?

Salestracker and data is located in a high security data centre located in an ex-bank vault. The data is encrypted and has mirrored back-up for disaster recovery purposes.

How often can I use the data?

You can use the data as often as you wish within the subscription period, for the purpose of sales and marketing of your own products and services. It cannot be used outside your own organisation and must not be supplied to third parties. You must ensure you comply with current legislation in the use of data, including the Telephone and Fax Preference Service (TPS/FPS).

How do you protect the data against misuse?

We have a sophisticated process that “seeds” the database with a number of fictitious records. These records are not real companies and any correspondence – including mail, telephone and email, to these records come directly back to Insight Data which enables us to identify the users of our data.

What happens if a company misuses the data?

Our data is protected by UK copyright law and companies or individuals who use our data without a valid subscription are breaking the law – even if they are not aware that the data is owned by Insight Data. Insight Data has a policy of prosecuting companies and individuals who illegally use the data without a current subscription. This ensures we maintain the integrity of our databases and stops abuse.

Who is the owner of the data?

Insight Data is a data owner and controller. We license the use of our data to subscribers of our databases for use during the licence period. Insight Data is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

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