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“We were guilty of using old contact lists and the internet to find new customers but ended up wasting so much time and money as many contacts had the wrong contact details, had gone bust or weren’t really what we were looking for.

With Salestracker we can accurately target the most relevant prospects based on a range of factors like systems they use and even volume, meaning our sales team are never wasting time trying to get hold of the wrong people.”

Regency Glass


We use Salestracker for:

  • Looking for new business in a particular area
  • Filtering to ensure we are locking on to preferred customer types
  • Checking lead data – address, contacts, numbers,etc.
  • Keeping up to date with potential business

Features I like:

  • List building for specific areas
  • Links to company websites
  • Direct contact information

Other comments:

  • Staff contacts at Insight are always knowledgeable and helpful
  • The on line training I received today was a great refresher and opened up the full potential of the Salestracker product
  • Its accessible when I need it and when cross referenced with our existing in house data and other information is pretty accurate and up to date


Local Builders and Fenestration

“We’re subscribed to the Local Builders and Fenestration databases and although these are always kept up to date and fresh we don’t just use Salestracker for the data.

The CRM system integrated within Salestracker is a huge help for employees across the company. Whether it’s our sales team tracking leads, accounts credit checking customers or simply managing existing customers to give them a better customer experience, Salestracker helps us do everything we need quickly and easily.”

British Woodworking Federation

Local Builders and Fenestration

“We signed up to Salestracker in 2013 with a need for a large number of industry specific contacts. We’re subscribed to the Architects and Specifiers database and we regularly use this on a national basis to send out our newsletter. The main benefit of Salestracker is the data is always kept up to date, helping us get relevant information in front of the key decision makers in our sector.”

Prefix Systems

Local Builders and Fenestration

What do you mainly use Salestracker for?

  • Predominantly researching the right types of potential customer in specific regions.

What features do you find particularly useful?

  • There are so many!! But for me the two that standout are the ability to drill down into the data to create an up to date and extremely focused list by business type, region and size. And the map integration in the Mobile Edition.

Comments on the data and service

  • Considering the amount of business data available and vastamount of features, Sales Tracker is so easy to use.
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