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Real Time Data

Forget using static data lists and spreadsheets

Sourcing fresh, relevant and highly targeted marketing data will dramatically improve your campaign results and return-on-investment – the better the data, the better the results.

But if you’re using a static database or spreadsheet, your marketing list will be out of date in no time and you could be mailing, telephoning or emailing companies that may have moved, changed their management team or contact details, or ceased trading.

Data decay is one of the biggest challenges to face in every marketing department. Sending marketing communications to the wrong contact in an organisation – or worst still, someone who may have died – will seriously damage your business reputation.

You could be missing opportunities, too. How do you know about a new potential customer that now meets your target criteria?

Live Data vs. Static Lists

"Powerful marketing campaigns should stop the reader in their tracks."

At Insight Data we don’t believe any company should use static data lists. That’s why we launched Salestracker, our online prospect database. It provides direct access to our database in real-time, providing users with real-time data. As our researchers update contacts, add a new record or remove a company that has ceased trading, the information is immediately available on Salestracker. In fact, there are over 1,200 changes every month on the Insight Database.

So every time you send a mailshot or run an email or telesales campaign, you’re guaranteed to be using the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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