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A complex world, made easier

Marketing is more complex than ever with a plethora of new marketing channels and tools available to help companies attract new leads and customers.

Today, marketing managers are expected to navigate a host of new software products for inbound marketing or demand generation, content marketing platforms, social media engagement, marketing automation systems and advertising tools like PPC and Remarketing.

All of this is in addition to managing established marketing channels. It’s no wonder marketing departments are stretched and sales teams are confused.

And all this complexity, time and cost is designed to identify and target your ideal customer.

With Insight Data, we’ve already done all the work. We know exactly who your target customers are, what their preferences are, what scale they operate at and much, much more.

Sales People

Close more sales, faster

Insight Data lines up your ideal customers ready for your sales team, ensuring they have the key decision-makers, essential contact details and in-depth information about the company.

With Salestracker Mobile, it puts all this information on their mobile phone, along with the latest geo-targeting and map technology. With one tap, sales people can gain a map-view of their current location with target prospects pinpointed to help plan their day and maximise every sales opportunity.

Salestracker also helps sales people get sales-organised with built-in lead management tools to help them close more sales, faster.

Marketing Agencies

We’re better together

Your time and resources are more stretched than ever, so you need partners who understand what you need and can deliver quickly and cost-effectively.

Working with Insight Data means you’ll get the best possible results for your clients. As industry experts in the fenestration and building industry we can help you select the right marketing data for your campaign and you can rest assured it will be the most accurate, relevant and up-to-date information.


As an Agency Partner you’ll benefit from an agency commission or discount and you’ll have a dedicated account manager who will work closely with you. We can operate behind the scenes or alongside you as your preferred data partner.


Once you’ve selected your data you can easily ‘slice and dice’ for more targeted campaigns and use the list for email marketing, direct mail, telesales, SMS or fax marketing.

You can rent data for a one-off campaign or multi-use for 12 months. For regular campaigns, we recommend Salestracker. This gives you real-time access to the database so every time you run a campaign you’ll be using a refreshed data list. It also has a handy ‘do not contact’ feature to suppress records.

Client Collaboration

If you are working closely with your client’s sales or marketing our online platform Salestracker is the solution. It helps you manage data lists, track leads and record activity, working collaboratively to ensure leads get followed up and duplication is avoided.

The results are spectacular – marketing is measurably better, you have a clear picture of all activity and your clients are delighted.

Marketing Professionals

Precision Targeted Marketing

Insight Data puts more leads, prospects and customers at your fingertips. We have carefully researched the UK fenestration and building industry and compiled a database of your target customers, with in-depth market intelligence.

It means you can hit the ground running, targeting every potential customer for your business on day one. Segment the data by company type, location, sectors and more and instantly compile lists for targeted direct mail, email marketing, telesales or as a call-list for your sales team.

It’s the fastest, easiest and most effective way to target new customers and generate leads. And because data is updated live in real-time by our research team, you’ll always be using the most accurate, up-to-date market intelligence.

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