What is Real-time Data?

live-dataInsight Data, the specialist data provider for the construction and fenestration industry was formed in 2006. The vision was to provide the industry with the freshest and most up-to date information ever seen. This would improve marketing responses and subsequently increase profits, resulting in the growth of businesses.

In 2010 Insight Data launched an online database that radically changed the way businesses managed lead generation, sales and marketing. Salestracker provided users with the ability to instantly target new fabricator and installer customers, with detailed information on over 15,000 fabricators and installers as well as local builders, architects and major construction companies.

In addition to essential data such as whether companies fabricate or buy-in, which systems or profiles they use and volumes, Salestracker also provides detailed financial information, credit ratings and details of any adverse credit. The latest version of Salestracker even notifies you if one of your customers or prospects has a change of financial status or credit score.

Today Salestracker is the only database that provides the industry with Real-time marketing data.


How does Real-time marketing data work?


Behind the scenes there is an entire eco-system powering Salestracker. A team of telephone researchers make over 20,000 calls every month to update and verify information, while a sophisticated network of external feeds from credit reference agencies, Experian and Companies House enable Insight to add new companies, remove bankrupt companies and flag up changes in status.

A process of ‘closed loop’ returns automatically feeds back email bounce-backs and direct mail gone-aways to enable the research team to instantly update records, while a separate quality control and data analysis team ensure only relevant businesses remain on the system. The result of this eco-system is information that is updated every minute of every day.

This means through Salestracker you can build highly targeted marketing lists to your exact criteria using the “build a list” function. Then once you have saved this list it becomes dynamic or “live”. So if our research team adds or remove’s a record that matches the criteria of your list, the record will automatically be added or removed from your list. Never waste time maintaining a database again, Salestracker will do it all for you whilst dramatically improving your sales and marketing results.

To have a demo of Salestracker or for more information, call Insight on 01934 808293 or email us .