UK Economic Recovery Fuels Fenestration Optimism

Kirsty Winter, General Manager of Insight Data, explores how the fenestration industry can harness the UK’s economic recovery and find new opportunities as the second financial quarter of 2024 turns a corner. 

As the UK is set to emerge from a challenging economic period, there’s a glimmer of hope on the horizon for industries across the board. Among those poised to benefit from this recovery is the fenestration industry. With economic indicators pointing towards growth, such as the decreased monthly insolvencies shown in our insolvency reports, glazing businesses have a unique opportunity to capitalise on increased business confidence, heightened construction activity, as well as technological advancements. 

The industry, encompassing everything from glazing manufactures, installers, and system houses to various suppliers such as hardware and machinery providers. As demand for housing and commercial projects picks up, so does the need for high-quality fenestration solutions. 

However, seizing these opportunities demands strategic decision-making backed by data-driven insights. Every day, hundreds, if not thousands, of new business opportunities are wasted. Systems companies are searching for new fabricators, fabricators need new installers, the list goes on. This steady flow of potential new business offers the chance to greatly increase profit margins in this recovering economy. This is where Insight Data’s prospect databases become invaluable. 

With our extensive databases accessed through our online platform, Salestracker, glazing businesses can gain a competitive edge by accessing accurate and up-to-date information on potential customers, industry trends, and market dynamics. You will find in-depth information on over 80,000 potential customers spanning both the trade and commercial markets. Target fabricators, installers, local builders, architects, or even large-scale construction companies. 

With Insight Data, businesses can quickly and easily target prospects with pinpoint precision, effectively achieving high deliverability and conversion rates and catapulting sales and marketing results at a fraction of the cost of other services. With fully integrated Google Map functionalities for road-based salespeople or deliveries, alongside credit profiling, your business can focus resources on reaching prospects who are financially stable and most likely to convert. Whether it’s across trade or commercial projects, our databases empower businesses to reach the right audience and relevant contacts at the exact right time. 

Not only that, but our strengths also lie in offering valuable, sophisticated market intelligence. Our team of analysts and industry experts continually track market trends, regulatory changes, and business preferences to provide informed recommendations. This ensures our customers are well-equipped to navigate and succeed in a changing market. 

In the post-recession landscape, adaptability is key to long-term success. By partnering with Insight Data, fenestration businesses can future-proof their operations, stay ahead of the competition, and thrive in a rapidly evolving market. 

So, why leave success to chance when you can unlock the power of data-driven decision-making with Insight Data. 

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