Don’t ignore the power of Email Marketing

Materials shortages right across the industry are leading hundreds of installers to leave long-standing suppliers – and, for you and your business, that creates huge opportunities.

Soaring international demand and the closure of key manufacturing facilities have made it harder than ever to source fenestration essentials like glass and silicone.

Big global suppliers are focusing their attention on booming economies elsewhere in the world – and with UK domestic production unable to pick up the slack, that’s meant major price rises across the board.

Take glass, for example. Some glass manufacturers are now charging 25% more than they did this time last year. And many fabricators are predictably responding by passing those costs on to their customers.

The result? A lot of fed up installers breaking off long-running relationships and seeking better value elsewhere.

On the surface, that might seem like a very gloomy situation. But actually, if you can effectively target those installers, your business could benefit massively – which makes now a fantastic time to invest in your marketing.

Add in more and more installers looking to diversify by offering a new material, and an increasing number of local builders branching out into windows and doors, and you’re left with a fantastic growth opportunity.

Email is the quickest and most effective way of generating new business. It allows you to bypass the many gatekeepers that might traditionally have stopped you getting through to the person that calls the shots, and lets you talk directly to a company’s key decision-makers.

And at Insight Data, we have two industry-leading email marketing solutions to help you identify prospects, generate leads and grow your business.

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The first is STEM – Salestracker email marketing. Using our state-of-the-art Salestracker online portal, which already combined prospect databases, a powerful CRM system, credit profiling and more, you can now build and send your own email campaigns.

STEM’s user-friendly interface lets you import your Salestracker data lists, quickly create stunning-looking email campaigns, and track any leads and enquiries. It’s the most advanced sales and marketing platform ever developed for UK fenestration and construction – and it’s blissfully simple to use.

But if you want an even more tailored and convenient solution, we can also manage your email campaigns for you.

Sending over five million emails a year, our in-house email marketing team have the know-how to maximise delivery rates, open rates and click-through rates, which means more responses and more leads.

Whatever your email marketing needs, Insight Data can help. Contact us today to find out more.

From subject line and sender alias to graphic design and call-to-actions, our email marketing experts plan and analyse every element of your campaign’s look, feel and content to produce staggering results – often 400% better results than other email marketing providers.