Exciting improvements to Salestracker

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We have have improved Salestracker! 

Salestracker is our innovative online software marketing platform built specifically for businesses in the fenestration and construction sectors. This software allows business owners and marketers to find the best prospects for their products or services.    

Salestracker does this by providing in-depth data about prospects that can then be used to market to them. Functionality in Salestracker allows users to filter to the most relevant prospects from the customer database lists Insight Data have.   

With this in mind, we have added two new useful features. Salestracker contains database lists for several areas of the construction and the fenestration industry.    

Construction list segmentation   

One of those lists contains a range of local builders all with an annual turnover of under £5M.   

New added functionality allows users to segment the Builders database list into several categories. Those categories include heating, plumbing, electrical, decorating, flooring and joinery.   

This segment filter allows Salestracker to be even more effective at helping users to find the best, most relevant customers to market to.    

This update will also enhance the targeting for the one-off lists we provide.  

Fenestration list improvements  

We have recently added further functionality to our fenestration prospects database within salestracker software. This new functionality allows greater filtration of prospects in the fenestration companies database. The filter applies to the ‘frames per week’ category which details how many frames a company makes per week.    

Previously, the filter displayed data in larger sample quantities – 1-25, 26-50. The filter now enables users to filter to much more exact figures – 1-5, 6-10, 11-25 and so on.    

Understanding the output of a company is important when approaching them with your products or services. Frames per week is a good indication of what they do and who they sell or supply to.    

Jade Greenhow, Insight Data Operation Director explains the importance of ongoing improvements to Salestracker software functionality here:   

“Although both of these new Salestracker features are small updateto an already powerful tool, the value added for our clients is huge. 

The improved segmenting for the construction database will help our clients to find the most relevant customers for their products and services. It’s incredibly important for our clients to reach the right audiences with their marketing. 

The frames per week breakdown filter in Salestracker  allows companies to narrow down and target the best prospects for them. This is so powerful, especially at a time when companies only want to market to high yielding, secure and relevant prospects.”   

Both updates will help our clients to save valuable time and resources on pinpointing the perfect customers for them. We are constantly updating our software in order to give our customers the best opportunity to be successful now and the future.”  

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